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RVers Buy Used Composting Toilet

RVers Buy Used Composting Toilet

You can buy some pretty strange things on eBay, but did you know you can buy a composting toilet? It gets even better: You can even buy a used composting toilet. The YouTube channel The Endless Adventure recently documented their adventure buying a used composting toilet on eBay. Let’s see how it went down!

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Who Is The Endless Adventure?

The Endless Adventure is a couple, Eric and Allison, who started traveling in 2015. The couple has hopped all over the globe, met some amazing people, eaten delicious food, and traveled in myriad ways. They share their adventures on their YouTube channel, which has amassed nearly 500,000 subscribers.

During their adventures, the couple has traveled all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Central America. You’re bound to find yourself laughing along with them as they share their adventures. Like many traveling YouTubers, 2020 brought them back to the United States. The couple opted to renovate a camper van during the pandemic.

Keeping up with their adventures can help you live vicariously through them and get to know the couple even more. You can follow The Endless Adventure by subscribing to their YouTube channel, following them on Twitter or Instagram, and supporting them on Patreon.

Why Did They Buy a Used Composting Toilet?

Eric and Allison are renovating their 1975 vintage camper van. One of the projects in their renovation was replacing their black tank with a composting toilet. This is a fairly common style of toilet, especially in conversion vans.

The couple saw an eBay listing for the model of composting toilet they wanted for their conversion van. To avoid anyone snatching up the deal, they jumped at the opportunity and decided to purchase it. The couple’s travel route took them through Chicago and just beyond, where they sealed the deal in a CVS parking lot.

How Much Money Can You Save by Buying a Used Toilet?

The Endless Adventure was looking for a Nature’s Head composting toilet, which typically costs around $1,000 new. They snagged the used composting toilet for $650. So the couple saved $350 by keeping an eye out on eBay and buying used. Luckily for them, they didn’t have to go out of their way to pick it up. It doesn’t always work out so smoothly.

Is Buying a Used Composting Toilet a Good Idea?

Buying anything used, especially online, can be a crapshoot. You risk getting a defective product that the previous owners didn’t take care of properly. There are many horror stories from shoppers who discovered they wasted money by purchasing a used item.

Because a composting toilet stores human waste, many might not even be willing to consider a used model. In this instance, it was clear the previous owner took good care of the toilet and perhaps barely used it.

Maintaining a composting toilet takes more effort than simply emptying a standard black tank on an RV. There are some conveniences of having a composting toilet. However, the conveniences don’t outweigh the increase in effort for many. It isn’t uncommon for those with composting toilets to switch back over to a black tank system.

So if you’re looking to save cash and don’t mind using and maintaining a pre-owned composting toilet, it’s worth it. However, if the thought of it being used grosses you out, it may be easier to purchase new.

Whether it’s a black tank or a composting toilet, many RVers need some way to go while traveling. With how expensive RVing gets, many will jump at any opportunity to save money, but composting toilets aren’t for everyone. Would you be willing to buy a used composting toilet to save money?

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