Walking down a blue and white board walk to a white sandy beach in the tropics.

10 Cheap and Warm Winter Destinations USA

If you’re a snowbird looking for a warm winter destination, you may worry that the growing number of RVers means rising campground costs and hectic RV parks. You wouldn’t be wrong. Those things are happening.

However, not all hope is lost. There are affordable and warm winter destinations to feed your soul and provide ample sunshine. Let’s examine ten of the best!

Walking down a blue and white board walk to a white sandy beach in the tropics.

Are There Budget-Friendly Winter Destinations in the USA?

Destinations like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California tend to have peak tourist season in the winter. For one, these states are sweltering in the summertime. For another, they offer respite for northerners seeking an escape from the bitter cold of winter.

Who wouldn’t enjoy playing a round of golf or paddling down a river in 85-degree weather in January?

Although prices may be higher and RV parks may have more crowds in these winter destinations, there are still options for budget-friendly campgrounds. It all depends on what amenities you’re looking for and how long you stay in one place. The longer you visit, the better deal you’ll get.

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Where Is the Warmest Place in the Winter in the US? 

Key West and Miami are two of the warmest cities in the United States during the winter months. They both have an annual average between 76-78 degrees.

The mild year-round climate and humid summers lead to higher average yearly temperatures than places like Death Valley, which will have extreme cold and heat during the year.

Tampa and Orlando are two additional Florida cities that experience warm winters. Arizona also boasts two cities, Phoenix and Yuma, at 74-75 degrees on a yearly average.

10 Cheap and Warm Winter Destinations USA

If you’re heading to the Southeast, Texas, or the Southwest for the winter, here are ten cheap and warm cities worth looking into during the planning process. Depending on the activities you want to do, the scenery you want to enjoy, and the distance you want to travel, any of these options will make great winter destinations.

1. South Padre Island, Texas

About: With a population of only about 2,000, South Padre Island relies heavily on tourists. The 34 miles of beaches lure vacationers, and the more than 300 days of sunshine make South Padre Island one of the best places to visit in the winter.

Parasailing, horseback riding, dolphin watches, and watercraft recreation are only some of the trendy activities here. The city of Brownsville is about a 40-minute drive down Highway 48.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 72-75 degrees, low of 52-56 degrees

2. Savannah, Georgia

About: Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Today it’s the fifth largest city with over 147,000 residents. Snowbirds love Savannah because of its unique culture and heritage, from its cobblestone streets to its historic buildings.

The Savannah Victorian Historic District is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. Winters here are short and mild, which makes it another top destination for snowbirds.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 62-65 degrees, low of 41-44 degrees

3. Fredricksburg, Texas

About: About 80 miles west of Austin, Fredricksburg is the home of Texas German, a dialect spoken by the first generations of German settlers who initially refused to learn English. Enchanted Rock, with a summit elevation of 1,825 ft, and Cross Mountain, a popular place for Easter sunrise services, are two landmarks in the city. Almost 11,000 people call Fredericksburg, Texas, “home.”

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 62-66 degrees, low of 33-38 degrees

4. Gulf Shores, Alabama

About: Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores is the southernmost settlement in Alabama. The town is 33 miles west of Pensacola, Florida, 54 miles south of Mobile, and 197 miles east of New Orleans.

Due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores is prone to hurricanes, but it offers mild, warm winters for snowbirds looking for year-round outdoor activities. Tourism plays a significant role in the economy, with popular attractions including ocean fishing, boat cruises, dolphin watches, water sports, and golfing.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 62-65 degrees, low of 43-46 degrees

5. Orange County, California

About: With over 3.1 million residents, Orange County is the most populous area on this list. Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine are the three largest cities within Orange County. Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach line the coast.

If you’re looking to stay busy this winter, Orange County provides ample opportunities for attractions and activities. From Disneyland to beaches and golf courses to shopping, Orange County has it all.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 67-69 degrees, low of 47-49 degrees

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

About: The Big Easy is another top winter destination, not only because of the comfortable temperatures but also because of everything the old city offers tourists. It is world-renowned for its distinctive music, Creole cuisine, and unique dialects.

The city has annual celebrations and festivals like Mardi Gras, French and Spanish Creole architecture, and vibrant nightlife. New Orleans has something for families, couples, retirees, and solo travelers. Plus, it’s only an 80-minute drive to Baton Rouge for even more attractions and activities.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 62-66 degrees, low of 47-50 degrees

7. Yuma, Arizona

About: According to Guinness World Records, Yuma, Arizona is the “Sunniest City on Earth,” with sunshine and warm weather at least 91% of the year. Because the Colorado River runs through the city, boating, jet skiing, and floating are typical water recreational activities. Others enjoy taking a dip at one of the beaches. On land, ATV excursions in the Imperial Sand Dunes and hiking along the miles of nature trails are also popular.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 69-75 degrees, low of 47-50 degrees

8. Las Cruces, New Mexico

About: With over 111,000 people, Las Cruces is the largest city in southern New Mexico. The Organ Mountains, Doña Ana Mountains, Robledo Mountains, and Picacho Peak dominate the landscape.

Winters can see nights below freezing, but primarily temperatures remain comfortable and mild. The arts are a thriving part of the culture here. Tourists can enjoy visiting museums, driving around to see murals, and attending a performance by the Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 57-63, low of 30-34 degrees

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

About: The 25th most populous city in the United States, Las Vegas is in a basin of the Mojave Desert, surrounded by mountain ranges. Like New Orleans, Las Vegas is world-renowned for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. People know it as “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” Due to the subtropical hot desert climate, Las Vegas experiences short, mild winters.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 57-63 degrees, low of 37-43 degrees

10. Galveston, Texas

About: On Galveston Island, a barrier island off the Texas Gulf Coast, Galveston is about 45 miles southeast of Houston. Like Savannah, Galveston is full of history.

The Strand National Historic Landmark District is a National Historic Landmark District that consists of Victorian-era buildings that owners have transformed into restaurants, antique stores, historical exhibits, museums, and art galleries. Although hurricanes are a threat during late summer and fall, the winters in Galveston are mild and warm.

Average Winter Temperatures: High of 62-64 degrees, low of 49-52 degrees

Can You Vacation on a Budget in Warm U.S. Destinations? 

If you’re looking to winter in the Florida Keys or Miami on a budget, you’re out of luck. However, there are other excellent destinations for snowbirds who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on campground fees for the winter.

Many of these locations have RVers who come back yearly. Communities of snowbirds and traveling families experience these warm winter destinations.

Where will you be heading this winter?

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