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Is the Montana Vortex House of Mystery a Hoax?

Traveling out west, you may be tempted to visit a House of Mystery on the site of a strange natural vortex. But is this place for real, or is it just some tourist trap?

Follow along as we get to the truth behind this mysterious attraction in Montana. Is there a scientific explanation for the odd activities, or is it just a money-grabbing hoax? Let’s find out!

What Is the House of Mystery in Montana?

The House of Mystery in Montana may be the strangest place you’ll ever visit. According to the owners’ claims, the location has a potent naturally occurring vortex that alters basic scientific principles.

There are a few different attractions here. The mystery house itself is a rustic shack where they say you can experience dramatic gravitational anomalies.

See demonstrations of the strange happenings at the Montana House of Mystery.

Another feature is a supposedly level surface where visitors visibly shrink or grow, depending on where they’re standing. The Montana Vortex also has an Aura Spot and a healing area called the Labyrinth. Both of them reportedly emphasize the property’s mystifying natural and spiritual properties.

In addition, there’s a large shop for gifts and souvenirs and outdoor areas where you can enjoy a picnic. 

Where Is the Montana Vortex? 

One of the reasons this unusual place has so many visitors is its location. The Montana Vortex is just outside Columbia Falls, just a few miles from Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana.

Because it’s so close to a major attraction, visiting this mysterious place is irresistible for many travelers. You might even think there’s some kind of unexplained force that draws you right to it.

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Is the Montana Vortex House of Mystery a Hoax?

Whether the phenomena you experience here are real depends on your frame of mind. Maybe they do defy the laws of physics — or maybe it’s just a bunch of hooey.

A large chair with a sign for the Montana Vortex at the base of a Mountain.

The word “hoax” might be a bit strong, though. It implies that the operators are deliberately misleading visitors or might even be doing something illegal. In this case, however, the only thing that’s “crooked” for sure is the mystery house itself.

We believe that if there’s any deception here, it’s really just to confound and delight visitors. And the Mystery House in Montana scores pretty high on that account.

How Does the Mystery House Work? 

Sorry to spoil some of the fun, but the secret behind the Mystery House is in the angles. Built on a slant, it has the same tried-and-true “gravity-defying” design shared by other so-called mystery houses around the country.

It’s a visual trick that causes you to question the basic laws of gravity. Because of your distorted perspective, it may seem that balls are rolling uphill or water is flowing backward.

These disorienting optical illusions can extend to the surrounding landscape in places where there’s no clear view of the horizon.

Is a Vortex a Real Thing? 

All this doesn’t necessarily mean that the area around this Montana mystery house doesn’t have special properties. The proprietors also say the land itself is the site of a natural vortex.

Energy vortexes are reported all around the world.

A vortex is where visitors feel a strong force of energy, perhaps spiritual, that enhances meditation, healing, and even critical thinking. There’s some debate about whether these energy centers are magnetic, electrical, or completely imaginary.

Though there’s no solid scientific evidence in favor of vortexes, many people believe in them — and have for centuries. They say they feel rejuvenated and sometimes inspired after spending time in a vortex.

Where Can You Find a Vortex? 

This part of Montana isn’t the only area that may be the site of a mysterious vortex.

The Great Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and Machu Picchu in Peru may also be vortex sites. In addition, there are possible vortex locations in Spain, South Africa, and Australia, as well as several in Arizona.

Where Is the Strongest Vortex? 

In fact, some claim the strongest vortexes anywhere in the world are in the Sedona, Ariz., area. This is in north-central Arizona, in the Coconino National Forest.

Light beams through the canopy, splaying against mist and creating divine shadows.

Many visitors say they’ve experienced the most powerful swirls of energy at a Sedona site called Boynton Canyon. Another strong contender is a nearby location called the Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex.

Is Visiting the House of Mystery in Montana Worth It?

Heading to or from Glacier National Park, you’ll see signs advertising the House of Mystery and Montana Vortex. You could easily keep driving, but we say go ahead and stop in for a bit.

While it may not be a life-changing experience, it’s a pleasant diversion of about 45 minutes or so. It bends your concept of reality, at least for a while, and may cause you to consider the limitations of your visual senses.

It’s bound to leave you disoriented, whether you’re a skeptic or not. Even non-believers have reported being dizzy, woozy, or swept with an unusual energy during their visits.

Nearly all of the visitors to the Montana Mystery House agree that it’s a harmless diversion. There may or may not be much of a mysterious force that defies scientific explanation, but it’s certainly good family fun. 

Would you visit the House of Mystery in Montana? If you have, what was your experience? Let us know if the comments below!

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