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How to Live on a Super Yacht

Living on a super yacht is a dream come true for many people. The luxurious lifestyle, breathtaking views, and the freedom to sail across oceans and explore exotic destinations are why owning or chartering a super yacht is often the ultimate symbol of wealth and success.

However, living on these massive boats is not just about indulging in luxury and relaxation. The lifestyle requires careful planning, organization, and adaptability.

If you want to test the waters and live at sea on a super yacht, let’s see what it takes.

Let’s dive in and get started!

What Is a Super Yacht?

A super yacht is a luxury vessel, typically over 80 feet long, for pleasure cruising. Wealthy individuals or corporations usually privately own these vessels. They come with all the amenities and features one would expect from a high-end luxury resort. 

Super yachts range from sleek and modern to classic and elegant. Construction of these units is to the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering. They can accommodate various activities, including dining, entertainment, and water sports. 

Crews for these vessels are often a team of professionals who provide personalized services to ensure guests have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. Overall, they’re the ultimate expression of luxury and freedom, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience to those fortunate enough to own or charter one.

Woman on super yacht

Can You Legally Live on a Super Yacht?

Living on a super yacht or any other boat is generally legal. However, the rules will vary depending on where you’re attempting to live. You must follow the local regulations, whether in a country, state, city, or marina.

If you’re thinking about living in international waters, it’s not very easy. International waters typically are 24 nautical miles from a country’s coastline. It’s crucial to note that international waters are not the wild west. Most travelers in these waters must follow the laws according to the country they’re sailing under.

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What to Think About When Living on a Super Yacht

Living on a super yacht is an exciting and luxurious lifestyle offering the ultimate comfort, relaxation, and adventure. However, it also comes with unique challenges and considerations to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free. Let’s look at several things you must consider before living on a super yacht.

Good Boat Insurance

One of the most crucial considerations when living on a super yacht is having adequate boat insurance. Super yachts are precious assets requiring specialized insurance coverage beyond what standard marine insurance policies typically provide.

Since your super yacht will be your floating home, you must acquire adequate coverage for your vessel. Coverage and premiums will vary depending on the vessel’s value, onboard equipment, and personal belongings.

It would be best to work with an experienced insurance provider when acquiring your insurance policy. This can help ensure you don’t have any surprises should you need to file a claim. 

Living Expenses

Like living in a sticks-and-bricks home, you will have living expenses while on a super yacht. You must cover onboard amenities and supplies, docking and berthing fees, fuel, and crew salaries for those helping to manage and maintain it. 

Captains, engineers, deckhands, attendants, chefs, and other employees will have salaries and benefits packages. These will be ongoing expenses that you’ll need to consider. 

Yacht Maintenance

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but even if you spend millions on your super yacht, things will break. You must do regular inspections, scheduled maintenance, and repairs promptly. 

Unfortunately, things don’t always break when it’s convenient. So you will need a healthy stack of cash to replace parts and components when they unexpectedly break. If not, you could be stuck at the marina.

Unseen Weather Conditions

The weather conditions can be incredibly unpredictable. However, weather conditions at sea are more than worrying about how much rain or lightning you’ll experience. Severe weather can significantly impact water conditions. The weather can change quickly at sea, and you must constantly stay aware of the weather forecasts.

You must have an emergency plan and a staff trained in responding. A super yacht offers the flexibility to move when weather conditions may not cooperate. You may have to adjust your itinerary or plans, so that flexibility will be crucial in this lifestyle.

Yacht Registration

Just like you must register your vehicle, a super yacht will also require registration. Where you register your vessel will determine the taxes and fees associated with registering a yacht. Additionally, where you register your craft will also determine the legal requirements your vessel must meet.

You need to understand the legal requirements, taxes and fees, and other factors associated with yacht registration. This allows you to make informed decisions that meet your needs, preferences, and those of your staff or anyone onboard the yacht.

Safety and Security

When living on a super yacht, safety and security are critical items you must take seriously. While yachts typically come with many safety features and security systems, there are still potential risks and threats that you must address.

It is vital to take proactive steps to mitigate potential risks and threats. The vessel will need the appropriate safety and security systems, and the crew will need training in basic procedures and protocols to keep everyone, including the vessel, safe and secure.

Living In International Waters

International waters are outside of the jurisdiction of any specific country, and they present opportunities and challenges for those living on a super yacht. Understanding the legal requirements and regulatory authorities is essential to ensure you comply with laws and regulations.

Living in international waters will require a tremendous amount of self-sufficiency. Accessing supplies, services, and emergency assistance can be challenging. You’ll also need the proper navigation and equipment to communicate with other vessels and the appropriate authorities.

While Jack Sparrow may not be on the open seas, pirates exist. You cannot take your safety and security too seriously when staying safe on international waters. You’ll likely want to consider hiring security personnel and avoid cruising into high-risk areas.

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What Are the Pros of Living on a Super Yacht?

There is a long list of pros to living on a super yacht. It’s one of the most luxurious lifestyles imaginable. The level of service that individuals receive onboard these vessels is unlike anything most people will ever experience.

Life on a super yacht provides much freedom and flexibility. You can travel practically anywhere and make the world your playground. You can create your schedule and choose where to set the sails daily.

The lifestyle can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding. You’ll experience new cultures, taste exciting foods, and meet people with equally exciting adventures. Who wouldn’t love that?

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The Cons of Living on a Super Yacht

While there is much to love about living on a super yacht, it’s not perfect. The lifestyle is costly, and you must deal with limited space. Additionally, you have to manage the crew’s dynamics, which can be challenging. Unfortunately, you can’t force anyone to walk the plank if they cause a fuss amongst the staff.

Don’t forget that you could experience days of rough seas. This could result in experiencing seasickness. The vessel will constantly be floating on the water and can be challenging for those prone to seasickness.

Woman on super yacht

Does Living on a Super Yacht Cost Less Than in a House? 

Living on a super yacht is typically more expensive than living in a traditional house or apartment. Super yachts are costly to purchase or charter, and they also require ongoing maintenance, crew salaries, and other expenses that can add up quickly. 

While it is possible to save money on specific expenses, like property taxes and mortgage payments, the overall cost of living on a super yacht is typically higher than living in a traditional home or apartment. There are often additional costs associated with living on a super yacht that may not be present in a conventional home, like higher fuel prices and the fees for maintaining and repairing complex systems and equipment.

How luxurious you expect your lifestyle will significantly determine whether it’s more or less expensive than a house. However, it’s crucial to remember that yachts are typically depreciating assets and require substantial maintenance to retain their value.

Is Living on a Super Yacht Worth It?

Living on a super yacht can be a fun and exciting way to live. However, it will take a pile of cash. The lifestyle can be incredibly unpredictable, dangerous, and expensive. Severe weather conditions at sea can threaten you, your vessels, and any crew or passengers on board. Before you sell your home and move into a boat, make sure you fully consider the entire lifestyle.

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