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Less Junk, More Journey Is Already Remodeling Their Brand New Fifth Wheel

If you’ve been following Less Junk, More Journey for a while now, you know they’ve gone through a handful of rigs. Ranging from a Newmar Canyon Star 3810 to an Airstream, and now a Grand Design Solitude 378MBS — they definitely know their way around a variety of RVs.

Now, after almost a year in their brand new fifth wheel, they’ve decided to rip out wood accents and slap some white paint on the walls. But why now?

In this article, we explore why remodeling RVs is so popular, what made Less Junk, More Journey decide to take the plunge, and whether renovating your RV is worth it or not. Let’s dive in!

Part 1 of the RV renovation Less Junk, More Journey embarked on.

If you’re familiar with the RV world at all, you’ve probably seen gorgeous before and after pictures of RV renovations plastered up and down your social media feed. These campers transform from outdated decor with ugly valances to sleek, modern homes on wheels. 

It’s no wonder that RV renovation has become so popular over the years. Adventure-seekers can save money by purchasing an older RV and making it into their own beautiful bungalow.

On top of that, social media and YouTube videos make it look downright romantic. Who doesn’t fall in love with the idea of traveling the country in a cozy, Instagram-worthy RV? 

Woman dancing with her earbuds in while painting a wall.

Why Did Less Junk, More Journey Remodel?

We totally get why everyone is running out to buy used RVs and remodel them. But Nathan and Marissa’s fifth wheel is nearly fresh off the lot. Grand Design didn’t slack on the interior either.

If you watch any of their recent videos, you can tell that the design team tried to lighten up the space and add features that make this RV look like a modern sticks and bricks home. So why go through all the effort? 

One reason, as Marissa explains, was because “Nathan told me if we were in our RV a year, then we can make some changes.” Small changes (such as replacing the trim around the slide) turned into bigger changes (like painting the walls and replacing the couches). Before they knew it, they were doing a full-blown renovation. 

Who Is Less Junk, More Journey?

If you’re not familiar with Less Junk, More Journey, they’re a full-time RVing family comprised of Nathan, Marissa, and their two kids, Hensley and JJ. In 2015, they sold their sticks and bricks home to move into an RV full-time, and they never looked back.

Since then, we’ve all been able to follow their journey on YouTube, watch their countless adventures, and of course, witness their many RV changes and renovations. Since 2015, their following has increased dramatically. Many of us have watched as they’ve grown their family and become household names in the RVing world.

After watching even just a few of their videos, you feel like you know them. Are you interested in following along, too? You can find all their content on their YouTube channel.

A couple records their life of moving out of their home to share with the world.

What Type of Fifth Wheel Does Less Junk, More Journey Own?

In 2020, Nathan and Marissa decided to sell their 2019 Open Range fifth wheel and buy a brand new 2021 Grand Design Solitude 378MBS. After going through a travel trailer, motorhome, Airstream, and Open Range throughout their full-timing journey, they’ve finally settled into their 40-ft fifth wheel and clearly don’t plan to leave RV life just yet. 

About the Grand Design Solitude 378MBS

One look at their Grand Design Solitude 378MBS, and you’ll see why it’s popular for full-timing families. With such a spacious kitchen and living room area, the entire family can relax in front of the fireplace without feeling cramped.

And as you walk up to the front of the rig, you’ll see an office and bunk room perfect for the kids, a sleek, modern bathroom, and a roomy master bedroom complete with a walk-in closet. 

The first look at when Less Junk, More Journey first picked up their Grand Design Solitude.

The entire rig is more than 40 ft long and weighs 16,800 lbs (GVWR). The tanks are huge, with 50 gallons for black water and 100 gallons for gray. The freshwater tank can carry 93 gallons. There’s a queen bed or an optional king if they upgraded it.

What Modifications Did Less Junk, More Journey Make?

If you watch their most recent videos, you’ll see they made some pretty transformative changes to their fifth wheel. First, they replaced the standard trim around their slides with a rustic, wooden trim.

They also replaced the light fixtures above the couch and in the kitchen with modern household lights. They removed the clunky paneling around the fireplace and kitchen island.

Part 2 of the RV renovation Less Junk, More Journey embarked on.

Surprisingly, these small changes completely transformed the space, giving it a warm, cozy feel with natural wood accents. But the biggest changes were replacing their couches and dinette and painting the walls white. As you can imagine, the end result is impressive.

Can You Paint the Walls in an RV?

If Less Junk, More Journey’s recent renovation has inspired you to make some changes yourself, you might be wondering if it’s possible to paint the walls in your RV. RV walls are usually made from laminated plywood and foam insulation.

As a result, your interior walls might have a textured, wallpaper-like feel. Luckily, it’s completely fine to paint these walls any color you like. In fact, they hold water-based paint beautifully because of their texture, and the lighter, neutral colors are easy to cover. 

Does Remodeling an RV Decrease Value?

This completely depends on the changes you decide to make. For example, if you decide to paint the walls of your brand new RV hot pink, you’ll probably have a harder time finding a buyer for your brightly colored rig.

However, if you follow a popular style with natural tones, you’ll probably increase its value by making your rig more universally appealing. 

And, of course, it depends on the quality of the remodel, as well. If you’re not confident with your renovation skills and are worried about accidentally destroying your $100,000 RV, you may want to consider hiring a professional.

A remodeled and decorated living room space with neutral colors and boho textures.

Is Remodeling an RV Worth It?

Are you wondering if you should get out your crowbar and start ripping out your outdated valances and trim? If you’re desperate to make chances like Less Junk, More Journey was, we say go for it! After all, what’s the point of having a home on wheels if it doesn’t feel like your home? 

If you’re going to relax at the end of the day just a little bit happier, it’s worth it. And if you’re worried about your RV’s value, make sure to follow a popular style of decor.

Get some help with projects you don’t feel confident about. We have no doubt it will turn out amazing, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Have you ever remodeled an RV?

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