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Who Is RV Inspiration?

Who Is RV Inspiration? 

The RV Inspiration website and Instagram is the perfect place for anyone and everyone in love with RV renovations, storage ideas, and more. Today we’re taking a look at the humans behind the blog and see what drives them. Let’s get started.

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The Backstory of RV Inspiration

RV Inspiration is an RV renovation, decorating, and organization blog run by former full-time RVer, Ashley Mann. Ashley and her husband Josiah sold their home and moved into a fifth wheel in 2016 to start their full-time RVing journey. They also have a cat, Kitty.

They lived in their fifth wheel for three years in different states before deciding to take a break from RVing. In those three years, they created RV Inspiration. The blog helps inform about and fuel love for RV renovations, organization, and storage. 

Why They Started RVing

After teaching English for several years, Ashley began to long for a job that wasn’t so demanding of her energy and time. Josiah was working as a freelance web designer, and his income was random and sporadic. They both longed for a lifestyle of more financial freedom, and they initially decided to change careers and work as house flippers. They’d remodeled their own house after purchasing it and were excited about the idea of doing it as a career. 

The couple decided to sell their house, move into an RV, drive to another city, and start investing in and flipping real estate. After struggles in the real estate industry, Ashley decided to use her free time to start the RV Inspiration blog. Now, with the purchase of their new motorhome, they’ve attained freedom of location and lifestyle.

How Long Have They Been RVing? 

The couple started RVing in 2016 and moved back into a house in 2018 after building successful businesses: the RV Inspiration blog run by Ashley and a software company for Josiah. Recently, the pair announced they’d purchased a new RV. 

What Type of RV Do They Have? 

Although they haven’t shared much about their new RV, we know from the picture that it’s a Monaco LaPalma. Monaco is a luxury motorcoach brand specializing in beautiful, high-end RVs, and the LaPalma models are no exception.

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About the RV Inspiration Marketplace: Renovated RVs for Sale

In addition to the blog, Ashley runs the RV Inspiration Marketplace. Renovated RVs for Sale is a website for RV buyers and sellers, specifically for renovated RVs. The marketplace has resources for RV buying, RV renovations, warranties, insurance, and much more. If you’re looking for a renovated RV for sale, check out the RV Inspiration Marketplace or the accompanying Instagram account

Where Can You Follow RV Inspiration? 

You can follow them on their website, Facebook Page, or Instagram. If you want to browse renovated RVs for sale, check out the RV Inspiration Marketplace. If you want to follow Ashley and Josiah’s personal RVing journey, check out @OurRVAdventure on Instagram. Ashley and Josiah have inspired many through their journey. Have they ever given you some inspiration?

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