A woman with her hood up stands outside of her conversion van and looks sadly down at the ground, surrounded by fog.

Is the Van Life Hype Over?!

Hop onto YouTube, and you’ll find numerous van life videos. Van lifers have made thousands of dollars documenting their travels and lives on the road. But is the hype over?

Keep reading to learn more about the van life craze. Plus, we’ll look at VanCity VanLife’s video discussing whether van life YouTube channels will survive.

Let’s get started!

A woman with her hood up stands outside of her conversion van and looks sadly down at the ground, surrounded by fog.

What Is Van Life? 

Van life is the term for those who travel full-time or part-time in conversion vans. People of all ages have adopted the lifestyle over the years.

During the last decade, many digital nomads have moved into vans. It’s the perfect home and office on wheels, and you can travel in it and see the world.

While DIY van conversions are popular, you can purchase a camper van from various RV manufacturers. Within the van life movement, you’ll also find people who live in cars, school buses, and other creative homes on wheels.

These are the 5 best vans for van life in 2022!

Is the Van Life Hype Over? 

VanCity VanLife, a famous van life YouTube Channel, posted a video discussing whether van lifers are disappearing from the video platform or losing engagement. He claims that companies no longer pay big money for advertisements on van life YouTube channels, and engagement is dropping.

VanCity VanLife also noted that several famous YouTubers had quit van life to build cabins and start homesteads. Hear even more about his thoughts in the video below.

But is the hype really over? VanCity VanLife doesn’t think so. He reports that many of his followers aren’t necessarily watching because they’re fascinated with van life.

Instead, they’re watching due to interest in where he’s traveling. Perhaps they’re planning a road trip or want to learn more about a particular location. 

VanCity VanLife says that YouTube is ever-changing. While some van life YouTubers may see a pause in engagement or a decrease, the hype isn’t over. Channels that stick with it will continue to find their audience and niche. 

Will Van Life YouTube Channels Survive?

VanCity VanLife believes that YouTube channels documenting van life will survive. And we do, too.

People have been traveling and camping in vans for years, showing no sign of slowing down. We’re likely to see more people purchase or convert vans for weekend trips, full-time living, work trips, and more.

However, that doesn’t correlate with YouTube being the reason someone starts van life. People decide to live in a van for many reasons. Sometimes it’s out of necessity, and other times it’s to travel freely with a home and office on wheels. 

Who Is VanCity VanLife? 

VanCity VanLife is Chrome and his dog Cruz. They live and travel in a 2004 Ford E250 extended cargo van.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, he documents his travels and van life experiences throughout the country. His documentary-style YouTube channel covers an array of topics. He explores destinations and what it’s like to live full-time in a van.

To help you learn more about van life, we identified two of VanCity VanLife’s most popular YouTube videos. Check them out to discover what van living is really like.


In this VanCity VanLife YouTube video, Chrome moves into his van. He films the process and prep for full-time van life.

In the video, he describes why he’s ready for a change and ready to do something incredible. For him, the necessary change is van life. He says, “Life is about risk and adventure.” This video is an expression of his mindset for embracing the lifestyle. 


This YouTube video centers on VanCity VanLife vlogging about moving his stuff into his van and out of his condo. Tiny living isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, it requires downsizing.

In this video, you’ll see what it takes to make the move. Chrome also provides insight into his personal life and career as a DJ.

Where Else Can You Find VanCity VanLife?

If we haven’t made it clear, you can find numerous videos on VanCity VanLife’s YouTube channel. But besides YouTube, you can find VanCity VanLife in his website and on Instagram.

His website offers off-grid van life adventure resources and tips. There is also a shop on the website and more.

Is Van Life Worth It?

Van life is worth it for people who want to travel and live a simplistic lifestyle. Owning a home and everything that goes with it can be overwhelming. Van life provides adventure amid everyday life and work. However, it’s not for everyone. 

YouTube is an excellent way to check out how others are living and working from a van. Similar to RV life, there are many things to consider before committing to life on the road.

From maintenance to travel planning, there’s always something to do and keep track of as a full-time van lifer. If you’re considering van life, check out VanCity VanLife’s YouTube channel to see what it’s like.

Would you consider making the transition to van life?

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