outdoor shower sign for nomads

Is There a Place for Nomads in America to Shower?

Americans may not agree on much, but we likely all agree that a hot shower is one of the simple pleasures in life. As nomads, finding a hot shower isn’t always easy. We’re here to help you find that simple pleasure. Keep scrolling to learn where you can shower while living a nomadic life.

outdoor shower sign for nomads

What Is a Nomad?

Before we discuss all the places you can find a shower on the road, let’s define a nomad. A nomad lives and travels without settling in one place for too long.

People often consider nomads to have a lifestyle of freedom, exploration, and self-sufficiency. Many nomads work as they travel, taking advantage of the opportunities in their ever-changing environment. This can include freelance gigs, digital work, or other forms of remote work. 

Typically, nomads rely on technology to stay connected on the road, allowing them to find places to stay, travel to new destinations, and plan their routes. This lifestyle enables people to explore new cultures, often in a home on wheels.

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Where Can I Shower As a Nomad? 

Many homes on wheels have showers, but using a shower in an RV or other type of camper isn’t always the most efficient water use. Tank sizes and water heaters have limitations in what they can carry and heat. So for those without a shower or who want to enjoy a long hot shower without running out of heated water, check out the many places you can shower while living on the road.

Truck Stops

Truck stops aren’t only for truckers anymore. With a growing number of people hitting the road for long periods, truck stops are becoming more popular for many people regarding showering. For a small fee, you’ll obtain a private space with a shower and all the time you need to soak up hot, powerful water.


A lot of nomads like to boondock or camp without hookups. However, when it’s time to move on to the next spot, an overnight stay or two at a campground is an excellent way to enjoy a hot shower. Yes, you’ll have to pay for a campsite, but usually, with payment, showers are free. At the very least, they might cost you a quarter or two.

Another option for showering at campgrounds is to ask if you can use the showers without staying overnight. You might have to pay a fee for the shower, but this may be a better option than paying for a site.


For those who travel in small spaces, like campervans, truck campers, or cars, getting a hotel room for the night can be an excellent option. You’ll get a hot shower in your private bathroom and all the hotel’s amenities. Some amenities are swimming pools, hot tubs, free breakfasts, and a spacious bed to stretch out in after your hot shower.

Gym Memberships

When you had a stationary home, you might have had a home gym, even if you used it more as a coat hanger. But now that you’re on the road, a gym membership can transform from a coat hanger into a shower. Whether you decide to use the gym membership as a workout place before your shower is up to you.


Beaches are one place you may not have even considered as a place to shower. However, beaches are excellent places for showering. Many beach showers are accessible to the public. Remember that if you are using a public beach shower, they are usually outside and will have cold water. This is also not the place to wash your hair or soap up. Outdoor public beach showers are more for a rinse while wearing a swimsuit. 

On the other hand, some beach facilities have indoor showers. These could have a fee, or they could be free. Regardless, they are beach showers for total showering with soap and shampoo. 

How Do I Find a Free Shower in America?

Finding a shower in America is relatively simple when you think of hotels, motels, gym memberships, and all the places that will happily take your money. But is it possible to find free showers in America?

Sure! There are apps for everything. Campendium, iOverlander, and The Dyrt will help you look for campgrounds and other places with free showers. While gym memberships cost money, free introductory passes at local gyms do not. If you’re passing through, this could be a suitable option.

Beach showers are another excellent option for free showers. You might only rinse off, but if you’re looking for something free, that’s still a good deal. If you want more than just a rinse but don’t have access to a shower, grab a washcloth or a baby wipe and some soap. It might not be genuine, but you’ll be clean and fresh.

Where Do Van Dwellers Shower?

Many RVers have access to showers directly in their rig. On the other hand, van dwellers are more likely not to have a shower in their rig due to their smaller space. The many options for showering while on the road are more than a convenience for van dwellers; they’re a necessity. 

Truck stop showers, hotels, gym memberships, campground showers, and beach showers might be the only showers van-lifers get. With all these options, though, finding a shower as a van dweller is simple.

RV shower for nomads

How Do You Shower When Boondocking? 

The same principle goes for showering when boondocking. If you have an RV, you’ll likely have a shower. You may not be able to take a long, hot shower when boondocking, but you can take a shower as long as you are efficient with water usage. This might mean soaping and shampooing with the water off and only turning it when it’s time to rinse.

Another way to freshen up while boondocking is by using a solar shower. Set up your solar shower, so it gets the most sunshine, warming up the water to a temperature you desire. Find a private space to enjoy a natural hot shower with stunning views surrounding you. Be sure to use environmentally-friendly soaps and shampoos if showering outside.

Female nomad showering

Nomads Can Stay Clean While Traveling Through America

No matter how you shower while traveling through America, you can stay clean and fresh. Whether outdoors, in a luxurious hotel room, or in a stark concrete campground shower, if you have soap, shampoo, and a towel, you have all you need. Because it’s the simple things that make life grand, especially when living a nomadic lifestyle.

Do you have any showering locations for nomads that didn’t make our list?

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