A couple lays in the back of their campervan in thought.

Famous YouTuber Has Insurance Canceled Due to Van Life

It’s rarely a good sign when you get a message that your insurance company wants to speak with you. It may take you back to being called to the office as a child. You’ll ponder every situation and think through endless possibilities.

One van life YouTuber did receive that dreaded phone call. However, what the insurance company wanted was worse than he could imagine. It ultimately led to his insurance policy getting canceled.

Let’s take a look at how the events unfolded!

A couple lays in the back of their campervan in thought.


TTTHEFINEPRINTTT is the online presence for content creator Trent Arant. He’s been living, traveling, and gaming in his van since 2019.

He’s grown his YouTube channel to 171,000 subscribers and has a significant presence on Instagram and TikTok.

His videos revolve around his love for traveling and gaming. Some of his most popular videos have to do with showing off his custom gaming setup inside his van. His videos allow others to live out their dreams of pursuing van life and inspire many to make their dream a reality.

Why Was His Car Insurance Canceled?

Trent had previously reached out to his insurance company to see what it would take to cover his conversion van as an RV in his insurance policy. He wanted their assurance that if something were to happen to his van, his policy covered the van and all of its contents.

However, the insurance company had a long list of requirements to claim the van as an RV, one of which was that a professional had to complete the renovation.

Like most in the van life community, Trent converted his van himself and did not hire a professional to do the work. According to his insurance agent, they had no choice but to cancel his policy.

Does Car Insurance Cover DIY Van Builds?

Most car insurance policies do not cover DIY van builds. Those who do have coverage may not mention that there have been significant modifications.

Their insurance policies might only cover the vehicle itself. So if there were an accident, they would not receive insurance funds to cover replacing their possessions. 

Many car insurance companies could drop a vehicle from a policy the instant they learn professionals have not converted the van. Those planning to call their insurance provider to check about changing their insurance coverage should have a backup plan. If they instantly cancel your policy, you’ll not be able to drive your vehicle legally.

A woman in drab clothes outside of her green van that she lives in.

Many people think van life will be a way to save money, but have you thought about if you have to pay taxes?

His Plan Moving Forward

TTTFINEPRINTTT was able to secure a full-coverage policy with another insurance company. While he wasn’t able to cover the contents of his van, he was able to save $100 for the same coverage on his new policy.

He has reached out to his community, asking his viewers to share their secrets and tips for securing RV-like coverage on his DIY conversion van. With his massive following, other van lifers may be watching who can point him in the right direction.

Can You Register Your Converted Van As An RV?

Some insurance companies will insure converted vans as campers. One of the most popular choices van lifers use is State Farm. However, this could change at a moment’s notice and vary from state to state.

It would be best to call a local agent and discuss coverage with them. Trying to work out the details of a policy can be challenging over the phone or online.

Having a local agent check out your van can make it much more manageable. They could want a post-conversion value for insuring your camper, which would include not only the value of the vehicle but also any upgrades and modifications.

A woman sitting in the front seat while working on her DIY camper van conversion.

Benefits Of Insuring Your Van As a Campervan

When you insure your van as a campervan, it’s drastically different from a typical insurance policy. Campervan coverage is often a more comprehensive policy that includes the contents of the campervan. 

These policies may also cover hotel costs when the campervan is in the shop due to repairs or warranty work. Many also include towing and roadside assistance. 

Confirm Your Insurance Before You Build

One of the most critical steps when building your campervan should take place before you even purchase your cargo van. This step is especially pertinent if you’re converting it yourself. Make sure to confirm that you’re able to secure insurance on the finished product of your campervan build. 

You may have to call several providers and jump through hoops like a vehicle inspection, but you’ll want to know what to expect before getting too far along in the process.

Have you ever had an insurance company cancel your policy?

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