A man sits in an old blue and white pop up camper with a for sale sign attached to the front.

Is It Possible to Buy an RV Camper for Less Than $500?

Who doesn’t like a great deal? RVs have been in high demand recently, and their prices have risen significantly. However, there are still some excellent deals out there. But is it possible to buy an RV for $500 dollars? Let’s see if campers on sale for $500 are a good idea! 

A man sits in an old blue and white camper with a for sale sign attached to the front.

How Much Do RV Campers Cost?

Prices for campers vary significantly, depending on the trailer you’re considering. You can find a well-used pop-up camper for a few hundred dollars or spend $250,000+ on a massive Class A motorhome. You should either adjust your budget by your preferred camping style or adjust your camping style to fit your budget.

For shoppers on a tight budget, buying a used RV can be an excellent option. RVs depreciate very quickly. In a matter of years, they can be worth a fraction of their initial value.

If you find an RV that is a few years old and the owner barely used it and stored it properly, you can save money and still get a fantastic RV.

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Is It Possible to Buy an RV Camper for Less Than $500?

The prices for RVs have risen significantly in recent years. However, if you’re in the market for an RV camper on sale for $500 dollars, it’s possible to find one. You’ll need patience, know what to look for, and have decent negotiation skills.

Most campers for sale for $500 will likely be pop-up campers that need some work. There may be structural damage, or you’ll need to make significant repairs to the electrical system, appliances, or plumbing. However, if you have a few DIY skills and room to work, you can bring new life to an old camper.

A pop up camper in the desert.

Where to Find Cheap Campers?

There are a few places you should look when shopping for a cheap camper. No matter where you’re shopping, you should have a healthy dose of skepticism. Being skeptical can help you avoid becoming a victim of a scam or buying an RV that’s too good to be true.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the most popular online marketplaces in recent years. You can buy clothes, musical instruments, and everything in between, including RVs.

Shopping on Facebook Marketplace is simple because practically everyone has a Facebook account. You can search for local deals or change the radius you’re willing to drive for what you’re looking to buy. 

One positive aspect of Facebook Marketplace is that it lets you see some information about the seller. Scammers often create fake accounts, which are manageable for most people to spot. Other shoppers can also leave reviews of their interactions with the seller, which can be beneficial in picking the seller that might be the best for your transaction.


Craigslist is another popular online marketplace. It is nearly 30 years old. Over the past three decades, Craigslist has adjusted its infrastructure and product design to make it convenient for buyers and sellers to use its website.

Many sellers looking to unload stuff around their house will turn to Craigslist. After creating an account, sellers can quickly list the items for sale, including a few pictures, hit submit, and they’ll have an active listing for their items in seconds.

However, despite decades of experience, the website leaves much to be desired regarding aesthetics and security. It is possible to find an excellent deal on the platform.

But Craigslist is a popular spot for scammers looking to take advantage of shoppers. So ensure you proceed cautiously, especially if you’re making a significant transaction.

Two women browse on a mobile phone while tent camping in the woods.


One of the best ways to get a deal on a camper is to spread the word to family and friends that you’re shopping for a trailer. You never know who might want to get rid of an RV or knows someone selling a camper. 

Going this route can give you confidence that you’re not getting ripped off or falling for a scam. If you have some connection to the buyer, they’re much less likely to attempt to take advantage of you regarding the price.

Things to Look for When Buying a Cheap Camper

There are several fundamental things you should look for when looking for campers on sale for $500. When buying an RV for $500 dollars, it will likely be some issues. Let’s look at significant factors you should inspect to avoid investing in a money pit.

Water Damage

Leaks are a problematic issue with any RV. If you don’t fix them, dangerous mold can grow, causing health conditions and other matters for campers in the RV.

Some typical spots where water damage occurs are at the corners of the roof and walls, seals around windows, or holes from anything on the top.

No matter the RV you’re considering, you want to ensure there’s no water damage. If there is, you may have to rip out materials or do expensive work to correct the issue.

Faulty Wiring

One of the best things about campers is your ability to use power. However, there’s a chance that a budget-friendly trailer has a few electrical issues, mainly if the previous owner used it heavily or let it sit for a significant time.

Mice and other critters can get into a camper as it sits in storage. They’ll look for almost anything to eat, including wiring. This can cause appliances to work inconsistently and become a severe fire risk.

Faulty wiring is a dire situation. Because of the risk, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect the wiring on a camper, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. It may cost you, but safety and security are worth every penny.

Plumbing Issues

If you’re buying shopping campers for sale for $500, many won’t have running water or even a restroom. There could be issues with the plumbing system that you’ll need to address before camping.

If a camper has plumbing, you should inspect the drain pipes, water lines, and holding tanks. Look for any signs of leaks at the fittings and various connections. Water leaks in a plumbing system can be challenging to detect and cause severe damage.

You will immediately need to fix any plumbing issues you discover in your camper. Failure to do so will only increase the damage and prohibit you from fully utilizing your trailer.

How to Improve an Old RV Camper

Many campers for sale for $500 will need some work. Let’s look at a handful of things you can do to improve and bring new life to an old camper. Let’s get started!

Upgrade Electrical

If your camper has a sketchy electrical system, you’ll want to replace wiring and connections to ensure you and your fellow campers are safe. Using bulkier wiring and components can help minimize risks from overloading your system. However, you should know the limits of your camper’s electrical system and manage your power usage.

There have been incredible technological advances in RV electrical systems in recent years. Depending on your budget, you can upgrade the battery bank, install an inverter or two, and even mount some solar panels on the roof. These are typical upgrades for those who enjoy off-grid camping.

Reupholster Fabrics

You may laugh at the fabric patterns in your old camper. They may cause you to wonder what the manufacturers or previous owners thought when they chose the designs. Luckily, reupholstering fabrics is relatively straightforward.

You can brighten up a space by replacing old, faded fabrics with new ones. Many manufacturers choose dark colors for materials, which do not create a very bright and homey atmosphere. Choose the pattern that gives you the look you want when renovating your camper.

Replace Foam Cushions

Foam cushions quickly wear down. Replacing them may be your best option if you want to stay comfortable inside your camper. A quick visit to the Foam Factory website, and you can start the process of ordering custom-fit cushions or foam that you can cut yourself.

If the fabric covers are in good condition, you may wash them and place the new foam inside them. You’ll then relax inside your camper as comfortably as possible.


If you have walls or cabinets inside your camper, paint is one of the best ways to transform these surfaces. We’ve seen many RV renovation projects where the owners paint the interior walls and cabinets white. This eliminates the dark wood that creates a dark and uninviting setting.

If you’re painting it yourself, take the time to do it right. Gather the necessary tools, prepare the surfaces, and don’t hurry. The best results take time and require preparation. Being in a hurry often requires sacrificing quality for the finished product.

Is Buying an RV for $500 a Good Idea?

If you’re buying an RV for $500, you’ll need to set your expectations accordingly. Campers in this price range are likely far from perfect. They’ll require work and repairs. If you expect to buy a cheap trailer and immediately take it camping, it’s likely not a good idea.

However, buying a cheap camper can be a fun project if you have the time, space, and money to make the necessary repairs. The final result can be an excellent camper that you and your loved ones enjoy for years. Would you buy a camper on sale for $500?

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