Interior of the Bowlus Voleterra luxury travel trailer

The Bowlus Volterra — First All-Electric Luxury Travel Trailer

We may not have flying cars, but nearly everything regarding an engine is going electric. Electric bikes and cars have become relatively common, but the Bowlus Volterra is the first all-electric luxury travel trailer.

It appears to have everything you could need to spend an indefinite time off-grid camping and is the definition of a luxury RV. Let’s find out more!

Interior of the Bowlus Voleterra luxury travel trailer
The interior color palette of the Volterra has been inspired by California mountain landscapes.
Image: Bowlus

What Is Bowlus?

Bowlus is a luxury RV manufacturer in Oxnard, California. Their luxury RVs combine many of the quality comforts RVers enjoy at home.

Bowlus seems obsessed with every detail that goes into creating these travel trailers. They work to ensure the result is a high-quality and sustainable product.

You can take these luxury campers almost anywhere without worrying about having power. They’re lightweight trailers that most crossovers can safely tow, including electric vehicles.

About the Bowlus Volterra

The Bowlus Volterra is the first all-electric RV. Bowlus made several upgrades in response to customer feedback to help new Volterra owners be comfortable while camping.

Introducing The Bowlus Volterra – The First All-Electric RV

The Bowlus battery system is larger and more advanced than its competition. It can spend indefinite time off-grid and serves as an emergency EV charger should you need to charge your vehicle.


Camping doesn’t mean you always want to live without technology. Luckily, the Bowlus Volterra comes ready for Starlink and has a spot for an LTE SIM card for a backup internet source.

This can allow you to work, attend school, or stream your favorite shows anywhere you can park your Volterra.

The Bowlus Volterra is the first travel trailer to include an induction cooktop, with more energy-efficient heating and safety than gas. Much of the fancy technology that the Bowlus Volterra uses runs through the electrical systems, which are several steps ahead of the competition.

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Electrical Systems

The Bowlus Volterra is 100% electric; however, you can purchase an optional propane tank for backup. Being fully electric means no pollution from generators or off-gassing from propane. You can enjoy an almost silent experience while camping without worrying about chemical sensitivities.

This is the first use of the AeroSolar system in the RV industry, charging your camper while you drive. There’s also a 3000W Pure Sine Inverter, so you can use nearly all your appliances without worrying about harming your battery bank. It uses an ultra-fast MPPT solar controller to transfer the power from the 480W roof-mounted solar panels.

These panels use PERC technologies, which can be 12% more efficient than typical solar cells. These panels are lighter than aluminum-framed panels, one of the many creative ways Bowlus lowers the weight of this rig.

The roof of the Bowlus Volterra travel trailer with AeroSolar system.
AeroSolar can charge not only when you’re set up at camp, but as you drive.
Image: Bowlus


The Bowlus Volterra is 27 feet, 1-inch long, and 80 inches wide. There’s ample head space as the ceiling is a roomy 6 feet, 4 inches tall.

With a minimal 300-pound hitch weight, you won’t need a beefy diesel truck to tow this camper. Many crossovers and electric vehicles can tow this trailer.

With 50 gallons of fresh water, 31 gallons of gray water, and a 4.5-gallon Cassette toilet, you’ll have no trouble managing water while off-grid, no matter where you’re camping. 


When staying in this rig, you’ll feel like you’re in a hotel, not a camper. It comes with natural wood walls and ceilings. It provides a very luxurious feel, especially compared to typical trailers.

You can run the air conditioning off the battery for up to 16 hours in 100-degree heat, so you won’t worry about sweating at night while sleeping.

The bathroom has privacy doors, a separate hotel-style shower, and a continuous water heater. Don’t worry about running out of hot water when showering after your adventures. The two bathroom vents will help keep the moisture and humidity out of your RV while you enjoy a hot shower.

How Much Does the Bowlus Volterra Cost? 

The Bowlus Volterra starts at $310,000. They make these rigs to order. Therefore, you’ll need to reach out to Bowlus if you’re interested in ordering a Volterra or any of their other models.

A woman stands beside her SUV on the side of the road to watch the sunset over the coast.
While the Volterra is not cheap, you won’t need to purchase an expensive heavy-duty truck to tow this lightweight travel trailer.

Is Bowlus a Good Brand?

Bowlus is a luxury RV manufacturer with a positive reputation among luxury RV owners. However, there’s not a huge market for $300,000+ travel trailers, so you rarely hear positive or negative feedback from owners.

Walking through one of these units, you can feel the attention to detail in every rivet and stitch. They’ve been making RVs for almost 100 years and know how to create a high-quality and environmentally-friendly RV.

Where Can You Get the Bowlus Volterra?

You won’t see a Bowlus Volterra sitting at your local RV dealership. Volterra builds Bowlus models to order and delivers them directly to you.

There’s no mediator between you and the manufacturer. You’ll need to visit their website to purchase one of these luxury travel trailers and contact their sales department. 

Is the Bowlus Volterra Worth It?

We’re sure the Bowlus Volterra is a fantastic RV, but most shoppers will find the $310,000 starting price a bit comical. Airstreams are relatively similar and half the price. You’d need to spend an additional $20,000 to $25,000 to make the necessary battery upgrades for off-grid RVing. However, you’re still saving $100,000 compared to buying a Bowlus Volterra.

Is it nice? Absolutely. However, don’t expect to see many pulling into the campsite next to you anytime soon.

Would you buy a Bowlus Volterra? 

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