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How to Travel Safely When You’re Single

Many people have been bitten by the travel bug and have the desire to travel. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception floating around the travel community that you can’t travel safely while single. However, you can indeed travel despite your single status.

Today, we’re sharing tips for traveling safely while single without worrying about extra baggage. Let’s get started!

What Is the Safest Way to Travel Alone?

Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, the safest way to travel alone is to do your research. There are some locations where safety would be a concern, whether you’re traveling solo or with a group.

Take the time to research where you want to travel and look for any areas you might need to avoid. Some areas may be safe but require extra precautions.

However, no matter where you’re traveling, taking common-sense steps to stay safe in an unfamiliar area is essential when you’re traveling by yourself. Don’t venture down a dark alley late at night, jump in a cab with a stranger, or accept drinks you didn’t order. 

What Are the Benefits of Traveling Solo?

Traveling solo can be hugely beneficial. The obvious benefits are that you completely control your schedule.

You don’t have to worry about considering others; you can be as selfish as you want for your travels. However, there are also some less obvious benefits of traveling solo.

When traveling solo, you have to become independent and learn to make decisions for yourself. It can be a great opportunity to grow and discover what you enjoy and want out of your life.

Many solo travelers enjoy getting to see new places and experience new things but learn more about themselves than they imagined was possible.

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How to Travel Safely When You’re Single

Traveling when you’re single requires adjustments to help you stay safe. However, travel safety when you’re single isn’t incredibly different from travel safety when traveling with others.

Let’s take a look at some things you should remember while traveling.

Have an Emergency or Backup Plan

Having an emergency or backup plan is essential when you’re traveling by yourself. When you’re the only person you can depend on in a situation, you need to have a plan if things don’t go as planned.

You may have arrived at a spot or situation and felt safe, but things can change quickly. Traveling by yourself safely requires you always to have a plan B. Don’t be afraid to use it. You should leave any spot where you no longer feel safe or comfortable.

Keep Your Valuables Secure

Always make sure your valuables are secure when traveling. You never know who will discover them. You may even make yourself an easy target by displaying them.

Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, carrying expensive electronics, and large amounts of cash. You might attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

Anyone up to no good may patiently wait for the opportunity to pounce and swipe your valuables. If you’re traveling in a vehicle or RV, it might be worth adding a safe to protect your valuables and sensitive documents.

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Share Your Locations With a Family Member or Friend

If you’re traveling alone, keep your friends and family aware of your location. You can use specific apps like Life360 or something as straightforward as Google Maps. However, you don’t want to share your location publicly or with just anyone.

Sharing your location with friends and family can help them keep an eye on you. You’ll also want to share your planned route with them. This way, they can come looking for you if you suddenly take a different route or haven’t moved from a spot as you mentioned to them.

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Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a smart purchase, especially if traveling internationally. Many people fail to realize that many health insurance plans don’t cover them the minute they step outside the United States. 

Travel insurance can help during emergencies and cover any unexpected travel expenses. This is a wise purchase, whether traveling solo or not. However, it gives you more options as a solo traveler should something not go as planned during your trip.

Be Confident

Traveling on your own requires a bit of confidence, even if you have to fake it. Someone who lacks confidence in a situation could quickly become a target for a scammer or someone up to no good. Don’t be afraid to be assertive and control a situation. 

Seedy individuals will try to manipulate and control a situation. However, if you want to stay safe, you must not let them. Walk, talk, and act confidently. 

Blend in Rather Than Stand Out

There’s a reason why some animals are masters of camouflage. Blending into the surroundings helps them avoid becoming a target for a predator. Just like those animals, you can drastically improve your chances of staying safe by not attracting attention.

People often attract attention by making excessive amounts of noise. However, travelers in cars or RVs can stand out by where they choose to park.

An empty parking lot may be very quiet, but a vehicle will stick out like a sore thumb. It might be best to find a spot with a few more vehicles, so it’s not so obvious.

A tourist traveling alone hails a taxi cab at night in a city.

Research the Areas You’re Traveling To

If you want to stay safe while traveling, visit safe places. However, while you can find some areas with low crime rates, you’re not going to find any locations with no crime.

Bad things can happen anywhere at any time. However, if you do your research, you can avoid traveling to areas with increased crime or acts of violence.

Which Countries Are the Safest for Solo Travel?

We often hear about countries you should avoid because they’re unsafe, but few people talk about the safest countries. However, some of the safest countries you can visit are Spain, Singapore, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland.

These countries sit at the top of many lists for being incredibly safe for solo travelers. They have some of the lowest crime rates and the lowest levels of random acts of violence in all countries.

While you can’t completely let your guard down, you take a deep breath, knowing that many travel experts consider the countries generally safe.

Is Traveling Solo Safe?

Traveling solo can be extremely safe, especially if you take the necessary precautions. Take the time to do research and look for safe places to visit. Be responsible when visiting them and use your senses to not put yourself in the middle of dangerous situations. 

Traveling solo can be just as safe as traveling with a partner or in a group. So don’t let the fear of traveling alone stop you from experiencing new and exciting places.

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