Drivin’ and Vibin’ Trades Vintage Airstream for Alliance Fifth Wheel

Drivin and Vibin Trades Vintage Airstream for Alliance Fifth Wheel

When Drivin’ and Vibin’ announced they were selling their vintage Airstream, things got a little crazy. Many in the RVing community wondered if it was the end of the road for the popular RVing couple, but they had other plans — bigger plans. They upgraded to a massive fifth wheel, and we’re looking forward to watching how their family adventures in it. Let’s get a sneak peek. 

About Drivin’ and Vibin’

Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’ have been documenting their travels and providing viewers with helpful resources since September 2015. They’re huge fans of the RVing lifestyle and enjoy boondocking as often as possible. As a result of their passion for boondocking, they take every opportunity to remind fellow RVers to boondock responsibly. While they may have changed RVs recently, their fondness for exploring and adventuring remains the same. 

Their Self-Renovated 1979 Vintage Airstream

The couple initially started their journey in a 1979 vintage Airstream. The Airstream needed some work to make it ready for full-time traveling adventures. Kyle and Olivia spent the next several years in the Airstream as their hard work turned it into a boondocking machine. They spent most of their time camping off-grid on public lands while growing their channels and boondocking skills.

The Airstream has upgraded steps, FanTastic Fans, a four-inch lift, and a solar system perfect for off-grid RVing. However, despite their love for the Airstream, they took a few trips in their Airstream with their young daughter and knew they would need more space. It was time for the couple to post their beloved Airstream for sale and upgrade to something bigger.

This DIY Renovated Vintage Camper Sells for $40k in Two Hours

With a bigger RV in mind, Kyle and Olivia listed their beautiful vintage Airstream for sale. With the used RV market bustling and the popularity of Airstreams, the couple knew there would likely be a frenzy once they posted their listing. While they expected the frenzy, they didn’t anticipate how quickly it would sell.

Their Facebook Marketplace post almost instantly received 432 likes, 105 comments, and 31 shares. There were more than 100 buyers with inquiries for this remarkable off-grid vintage camper. Within two hours of posting their Airstream for sale, the couple had a committed buyer. With their beautiful Airstream sold, the couple was able to focus on their next home on wheels.

Drivin’ and Vibin’ Trade Vintage Airstream for Alliance Fifth Wheel

While a vintage Airstream is as American as apple pie, the couple knew it wouldn’t meet their needs for the long haul. Kyle and Olivia needed an upgrade to get the most out of traveling the country in an RV as a family.

Why Did They Upgrade?

Up until this point, Drivin’ and Vibin’ had been traveling the country as a couple. When they welcomed the arrival of their daughter, they knew they would need to adjust their traveling style. Living in such tight quarters is doable for a couple but not practical for a family. They took a trip with their entire family, including their dog, and quickly realized the Airstream just wasn’t going to cut it.

About the Alliance Paradigm 390MP

The couple upgraded to the Paradigm 390MP built by Alliance. This massive fifth wheel is almost 42 feet and weighs 13,538 pounds. They’ll have plenty of water for the whole family thanks to the nearly 100-gallon freshwater tank.

This model includes a multi-purpose room, loft, and private bedroom with a king-size bed. Many families love that the floors are easy to keep clean as there’s no carpet. A walk-in closet, washer/dryer hook-ups, and massive windows are just a few additions that Drivin’ and Vibin’ will be able to enjoy while RVing with their family.

About Alliance RV

Alliance RV is a luxury RV manufacturer located in Elkhart, Ind. The company started producing RVs in fall 2019 and hopes to expand its offerings to grow its company. One of the goals for Alliance RV is to listen to consumers and use their experience and input to help make the highest-quality RVs possible.

Their team of executives combines hundreds of years of experience in RV manufacturing, customer service, and engineering. When you purchase an Alliance RV, you have the assurance that your RV is well constructed and built to last.

While Drivin’ and Vibin’ will surely look back and reflect on the days of traveling together in the Airstream, the future is bright for their family. They’ll now travel in their Paradigm 390MP and make memories with their daughter. They’ll have the chance to share their experiences and adventures with her and watch her experience them for the first time. Would you rather travel in a tiny Airstream or a massive fifth wheel?

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