Did RV Manufacturers Go Too Far with White Interiors?

Step inside an RV these days, and the amount of white could blind you. Light-colored walls and cabinets are a hot trend that’s leaving some people cold. Many RV manufacturers are offering white, or mostly white, interiors. Is it too much already? Let’s put on our shades and take a closer look at this popular pattern in contemporary design.  

Why Do So Many RV Manufacturers Design White Interiors? 

The big reason manufacturers are riding this trend is it’s what customers want – or at least they think it is. Light colors make a room feel more spacious. White gives the inside of the RV an airy feel and “opens it up” in a way that makes it feel larger. Television is helping to fuel the movement, with RVs taking cues from sticks-and-bricks counterparts. In case you’ve missed it, white interiors have been the rage in recent years on many popular home renovation shows.

Are White Interiors Going out of Style? 

By definition, trends are temporary, and critics of the lighter interiors say they may already be outdated. They’d prefer a darker or broader palette or one that emphasizes more natural tones. It may be that white interiors have already seen their moment in the sun.

The Upsides of White RV Interiors 

Those who do lean toward the lighter shades have some pretty good arguments in their favor. It’s simple and sophisticated, they say, and practical in a lot of ways. White interiors certainly have their upsides. Let’s shed some light on some of them.

An Open Slate for Personalization 

White walls are blank canvases for you to express your own personality and style. Just use some imagination to give them flair. It’s easy to add stylish accessories like contrasting cabinet handles and drawer pulls. You can also liven things up by giving them a splash of color. You can paint entire walls (or parts of walls) or decorate the trim with whatever shade you like.   

Brighter Interiors 

It’s not an illusion that the room feels brighter. White interiors actually brighten things up by reflecting light. This is especially true during the daytime when sunlight shines in through the windows.

Appeals to Many 

People like it; they really do. A crisp, clean interior can brighten up your own disposition and put a smile on your guests’ faces. It’s also versatile. Your furnishings and other decorative items are less likely to clash with the background.

The Downsides of White Interiors 

Yes, there’s a lot to love about these lighter interiors, but there are disadvantages, too. Spoiler alert: Things can get ugly.

It Shows Grime

Let’s face it; camping is a dirty business. For some of us, that’s the rule rather than the exception. The clean look of a white interior requires a lot of work to keep it that way. You may not want to devote so much of your precious downtime to housekeeping.

Not All Customers Want White 

People have different tastes. You’re not going to please everyone no matter what you do. Customers love having flexibility and being able to make their own design choices. When a manufacturer limits the number of options for interior schemes, it may be painting itself into a corner.

It’s Going out of Style 

Some people who watch trends closely say that white interiors are already on their way out. They’d like to see RV manufacturers looking toward the future rather than the past. After all, you hope to enjoy your RV for many years to come.

Couple laying down in a white interior camper.

Chips, Scratches, and Scuffs Are More Obvious 

It’s not just dirt, grease, and grime that show up so clearly on white walls. They also do a pretty poor job of hiding typical signs of wear and tear. You can bump or scrape a wall every time you move something, such as furniture or a piece of gear. With white interiors, that’s likely to leave a mark.

Do You Like White RV Interiors? 

Does the future continue to look bright for RV décor, or will today’s trend soon be a thing of the past? While white and off-white interiors have lots of fans, they make others see red. For some, these light-colored interiors are a welcome and happy contrast to the dark, dingy décor of days gone by.

What about you? Do you like seeing lighter colors on the inside of RVs, or would you prefer some darker shades? Let us know what you like — and don’t like — about the available interior color schemes.

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