Man inspects the electric plug connection for his RV.

10 RV Tools Under $10

Quality RV tools can be cheaper than you think. Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for a gift for an RVer, we’re sharing 10 tools that cost less than $10.

Having the right tools on hand is essential for RVing. The reality is that things break on RVs, old and new, so being prepared will ensure you can relax during your travels.

Are you ready to do some shopping? Let’s get started! 

Man inspects the electric plug connection for his RV.

Always Keep Spare Parts and RV Tools Handy

You never know what you’re going to need when you’re RVing. Designate a storage compartment for tools and spare parts, so you always have them on hand.

These are essentials for RV life and can keep you safe while also saving you time and money. And if you don’t know how to fix something, you can turn to YouTube, where you’ll likely find a video to fix nearly anything on your RV.

Man grabs a tool from a tool box on the ground next to a vehicle.

10 RV Tools Under $10

Get ready to fill your shopping cart! Check out these 10 RV tools under $10.

1. RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Wrench

The RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Wrench will come in handy when your sewer hose is on too tight. It’s a quick and easy way to unscrew the hose from your RV without making a mess or hurting your hands.

The ergonomic wrench provides leverage for loosening and tightening swivel fittings for most sewer hose brands. And it only weighs 3.87 ounces.

2. Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench

How many times have you tried to get the sewer cap off at an RV park or dump station only to find that the person before you screwed it on too tight or on an angle so it won’t budge? The Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench is a convenient tool to save the time and sweat of getting the sewer cap off.

It works with 3” and 4” male or female plugs and slotted or flush sewer plugs. The wrench is a universal 6-in-1 tool with an easy-grip handle.

3. RV Water Heater Drain Plug Tool Kit

Having to take off an RV water heater drain plug can be difficult. This wrench kit makes it easy and comes with two ½” replacement plugs and Teflon tape.

The wrench is specifically designed for RV water heater drain plugs and fits both ⅞” and 15/16” plugs. It has an angled design for reaching into the tight spaces around water heater systems.

4. Water Heater Anode Rod Replacement

The Anode Rod Replacement is another must-have for RV water heater maintenance. It has dual hex ends that allow you to remove and replace both elements and anodes.

The anode end is 1 1/16” to fit all standard RV anode rods. And the element end fits all standard screw-in elements. 

5. RV Replacement Fuse Kit

Blowing a fuse in an RV is more common than you may think. Having replacements on hand, rather than going to the hardware store every time a fuse goes out, is extremely convenient. The RV Replacement Fuse Kit comes with 140 RV fuses. It also includes a fuse puller tool and a storage case.

A fuse held between two fingers being replaced.

6. Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator

A brass inline water pressure regulator is a must-have for your RV. It’s difficult to predict what the water pressure will be like at a campground. The last thing you want is too much pressure in your RV’s tiny pipes.

This brass regulator attaches to ¾” water hose threads. And it keeps the water going into your RV’s city water hookup consistently at 40-50 lbs of pressure.

7. Caulking Removal Tool

Removing or applying caulk is a common chore for RV life. Everything has caulk, and caulk is your friend, as it’s helping to prevent leaks.

A caulking removal tool comes in handy for any work with caulk. It’s a three-in-one silicone trowel and scraper. The device will save you a lot of time when working with any sealant. The tool comes with five silicone pads.

8. Scissor Jack Drill Adapter

If you have stabilizer jacks on your RV, you know how tiring hand-cranking those up and down can be. Using your power drill is much faster and easier on your back. The Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter attaches to your power drill and fits the jack.

Stabilizer support leg is extended to the ground on a travel trailer.

9. Water Line Blow-Out Plug

When you’re ready to winterize your RV, a water line blow-out plug is what you need. You simply screw the plug into the city water connection, open all drains and faucets, and run the air pump through the plug until all of the lines are clear. 

10. Trailer Wiring Socket Tester

Instead of paying for a mechanic when your trailer brake lights aren’t turning on, a trailer wiring socket tester can help. It provides the status of your vehicle’s trailer wiring. Simply plug in the tester to your vehicle’s socket, and LEDs light up to indicate if everything is working correctly.

Keep These Tools Handy

How many of these 10 RV tools under $10 did you add to your Amazon cart? They’re no-brainers to beef up your RV tool kit to stay efficient and safe on the road. In addition, they’re great gifts for your fellow RVer.

Do you know any other handy RV tools for less than $10?

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