VW hood ornament on a bright green bug.

This Guy Put a Camper on a VW Bug

With conversion vans and tiny homes gaining popularity, some individuals take tiny living to a whole new level. Maverick Joos is one of those individuals pushing the limits when it comes to traveling in tiny spaces.

His VW bug camper is not only his home away from home during some of his adventures, but it’s a head-turner no matter where he takes it. While it may not be adequate for every camping situation or all adventurers, it does the job for Mav.

Let’s take a look at this unique VW bug camper and see if you might want to do something similar. 

VW hood ornament on a bright green bug.

Who Is Mav?

Mavrik Joos is the man behind the YouTube channel “Mav.” He shares his epic adventures with his more than one million subscribers.

You’ll find everything from cooking tips to international travel adventures. He joined YouTube in 2016 and primarily shared fishing videos and camping-themed vlogs.

These adventures eventually led to him announcing in September 2019 that he was moving into his truck full-time. Traveling allows him to fish all over the country and even internationally in Mexico. With this unique camping setup, Mav will likely have some pretty epic adventures to share with his audience.

Why Did He Choose to Put a Camper on a VW Bug?

Mav bought the VW bug camper because of its uniqueness. It’s eye-catching and attracts attention while driving and camping. Like many adventurers, Mav enjoys the challenge of growing his camping and DIY skills with builds like this.

How Did He Make This Custom Camper?

The custom VW camper was already partially converted when Mav purchased it. The previous owner cut the rear hatchback of the VW and welded an older truck camper on the car.

The VW camper did not come with a top, which meant Mav had to develop a solution. He had a custom-built canvas fabric made to snap to the top of the camper.

He used his DIY skills to install springs and other modifications to increase comfort while camping. The entire project was a bit of trial and error but ultimately became exactly the home Mav was hoping for when it comes to some of his adventures.

Like many custom builds, the VW bug camper will likely never be 100% finished. He’ll likely continue adjusting and modifying the camper during his adventures to best match his camping needs. 

Was the Build Successful?

The VW camper broke down during the first drive, requiring a tow and a new clutch. However, structure-wise, Mav spent less than $1,000 to convert the camper into a comfortable place to do some camping. 

It did have some hiccups. Mav quickly discovered that mosquitoes and moisture could sneak into the camper through little gaps. That made for a very buggy night. And when it started raining, Mav faced some real challenges. However, he did have space to stand inside the camper and seemed optimistic about future improvements.

Success for Mav meant converting the camper into a unique place to stay during camping trips. It probably won’t be his go-to vehicle for camping, as he already has the truck that he uses for the bulk of his travels. However, he now has a unique camper that he can use to take on fun adventures and grab some attention.

Are Bug Campers Becoming a Trend?

There has been an increase in those looking for unique ways to camp and travel. Many of these adventurers are choosing to live as tiny as possible, including in VW bugs.

You can find several other travelers who have taken on the challenge of converting VW bugs for their camping adventures. Still, it’s not widely becoming a trend in the travel community.

However, even though it’s not a widespread trend, it’s still a great way to adventure. Your imagination is pretty much the limit to builds like this. You can create a custom camper that is exactly what you need while traveling. We can’t think of a better way to make memories, whether you’re adventuring solo or with friends.

A woman stands up in the back of old green van she is converting into a camper.

A Tiny Camper Is What You Make It

A conversion like this requires a tremendous amount of DIY skills and ingenuity. You need to recognize what you need in a camper and then modify the camper appropriately.

It can also be extremely beneficial to have a wide range of contacts who can help with things such as the building process. If you don’t personally have experience with something, hopefully, you have a friend who does.

It’s easy to see that a VW bug camper isn’t for everyone. While it’s ideal for solo travelers, you probably could only travel with one other person at the most. These kinds of campers can be a great option for traveling, whether you plan to boondock or camp in a campground.

Would you consider a VW bug camper for adventuring?

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