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Does RV Odd Couple Regret Campground Purchase?

Does RV Odd Couple Regret Campground Purchase?

If you haven’t heard, the RV Odd Couple (John and Mercedes) recently purchased a campground in Alabama. Originally, they wanted to take raw land and turn it into a campground. But they discovered how long that process would take. So they started looking at purchasing an established campground. They found Thunder Canyon, 226 acres of land that includes 30 RV sites with hook-ups. But now they’re wondering whether they made a smart investment or saddled themselves with a money pit. Let’s find out.

Couple enjoying their recent campground purchase.

Was a Campground the Guaranteed Investment This Odd Couple Was Looking For?

No. But it could be! The RV Odd Couple has a lot of work ahead of them. Not only was the campground itself a huge investment, but making it a safe and enjoyable environment is also going to cost a chunk of change. You’ll have to check back in a few months to see their progress and decide if the investment was worth it.

This was what they were looking for, however. Amid this current camping boom, campgrounds are overcrowded. People are finding it difficult to find places to stay. John and Mercedes wanted to revamp a campground that offers beautiful scenery, fun activities, and a safe location in order to provide additional sites for RVers.

Couple enjoying their campground in the woods.

What Setbacks Are Preventing Campground Completion?

A few things are holding them back. First, they’re up against the labor shortage throughout the country. The cost of supplies and lumber is also through the roof. As a result, labor and materials could create a huge financial obstacle.

Also, this campground was closed for nine years, which means old circuits and aging infrastructure. A closed campground also means water hasn’t been running, so they’ll have to be careful putting pressure on those pipes. The previous owners put in the electric 40-50 years ago with 7,500 amps coming into the park. They want 15,000 amps. And the RV Odd Couple thought the campground had only been closed for three years when they purchased it.

Another frustration has been balancing the natural beauty with making the necessary changes. They don’t want to lose the beauty of the campground. But they may have to cut down some trees or remove rocks to make room for big rigs. RVs are bigger today than when this campground was open, so they’ll need to do some road work.

One of the biggest dilemmas they face is whether to rebuild everything and start from scratch or salvage and restore what’s already there. For example, the old house already on the property has great character. They think it could serve as an office/store/rec hall. But on the other hand, the dining hall wasn’t built to code. It has restaurant-grade equipment and seats up to 70 people. This is really important for them to be able to host larger groups. 

Is the RV Odd Couple Going to Be Able to Open the Campground?

With lots of hard work, yes! The community seems to have rallied behind them. There are even neighbors stopping by and recalling stories of their summer visits to the pool. The community really seems to want this park to open.

John and Mercedes haven’t lost their passion either. They’re determined to make this work, create a welcoming environment for travelers, and embrace the natural beauty surrounding them. They’re excited about the adventure and have a tremendously positive outlook. With this attitude and community support, they should be able to get this park up and running.

Do They Regret Buying an Old Campground in Alabama?

Sage (their daughter) loves it. Skippy (their dog) loves it. John and Mercedes said the place is magical, and they can’t wait for visitors. So, no. They don’t regret it. It might be more work than they anticipated and take longer to open than they originally thought, but they love the location and natural beauty of Thunder Canyon.

Keep the RV Odd Couple and Thunder Canyon on your radar. If you’re traveling through Alabama in the future, this will be a welcoming campground once they get it up and running. Would you stay at their campground once it’s operational?

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