Avoid Lazydays RV

5 Reasons to Avoid Lazydays RV Dealerships

If you ask around the RV community, very few people have kind words to say about their local dealerships. If we’re being honest, it seems like most have more negative things to say than positive.

Lazydays RV is one of the most recognized RV dealerships in the industry. However, they also tend to leave a path of disappointed customers behind them.

Today, we’re sharing five reasons to avoid Lazydays RV dealerships.

Let’s dive in and get started!

What Is Lazydays RV Dealership?

Lazydays RV is one of the country’s largest and most reputable RV dealerships. They carry various RVs from more than 78 manufacturers. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Herman Wallace founded the company in 1976. His sons, Ron and Don, later took over the company. They began buying dealerships nationwide to expand their reach and grow the business. Their success attracted investors’ attention, and they sold the company in 2004 to an investment firm. It continued to grow, and LDRV Holdings Corporation bought it in 2018.

Avoid Lazydays RV

How Many Lazydays Locations Are There?

There are currently 20 Lazydays locations in 12 states. You can find dealership locations in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Indiana. However, if their past success is any indication, they will likely continue to expand their business.

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What Types of RVs Does Lazydays Sell?

Lazydays RV sells almost every type of RV, including new and used units. You’ll find everything from six-figure Class A’s to tiny towable travel trailers. If you’re in the market for an RV, visiting one of their dealerships can be an excellent opportunity to walk through several units.

While we may suggest you avoid Lazydays RV dealerships, it’s mostly regarding purchasing. There’s no reason not to visit their dealerships to window shop. It can be an ideal opportunity to gather information on rigs and physically walk through units.

RVs on dealership lot

5 Reasons to Avoid Lazydays RV Dealerships

The massive explosion in the RV industry in the early 2020s revealed some flaws in the system. High demand put large dealerships like Lazydays RV to the test, and the results were disappointing. Let’s look at several reasons we think you should avoid Lazydays RV!

1. Extremely Sales Focused

It’s no secret that RV dealerships are businesses whose main priority is making money. Unfortunately, Lazydays has earned a somewhat negative reputation for saying almost anything it can to get people to sign on the dotted line. Many RVers have experienced bait-and-switch tactics from shady sales members.

We know that the company highly incentivizes sales team members to make sales. Their jobs and paychecks depend on it. Unfortunately, many customers leave the dealership feeling like they’re nothing more than dollar signs to the dealers. Is that how you want to feel when spending your hard-earned money?

2. Long Waits for Service

RVs aren’t perfect, and things will break occasionally. However, the only thing more broken than a new RV is the service department’s long wait times. Don’t plan on spending less than half a day if you must have them service your department. Many of these workers seem to take the brand’s “Lazy” portion of their name too seriously.

Fortunately, many RVers have learned their lesson from their slow service. As a result, owners fix what they can personally to avoid a frustrating and stressful trip to the service department. Unfortunately, some things require a professional to do the job.

If they have the parts on hand and can get you in soon, you’d better buy a lottery ticket because it’s your lucky day. Many owners discover it can take weeks or months for them to look at your rig. Once they do, they’ll need to order the parts, which often could be out of stock. As a result, what would typically be a simple fix could take much longer to correct.

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3. Bad Customer Service

If you haven’t looked at the price tag of RVs these days, they’re not cheap. You don’t have to try hard to find an RV that costs six figures or more. Unfortunately, despite paying a premium price tag, the customer service is far from quality.

Once you sign, you can guarantee the sales staff is done with you. Don’t expect them to reply to texts, emails, or phone calls. They’re on to their next sale, and you’re no longer their priority. Once you close the deal, they will pass you on to the manufacturer and be little to no help answering your questions.

RVs for sale at Lazydays RV

4. Unskilled Technicians

Lazydays brags about how many certified workers they employ and how their service departments are better than the rest. If this is true, Lazydays has some serious explaining to do. They put one RVer in a dangerous situation that could have ended badly.

One YouTuber documented his experience at the flagship Lazydays location in Florida; the service department was less than stellar. You don’t have to be an expert to see that workers installed the steering box incorrectly. A few hundred or thousand miles later, the nut would likely have popped off and caused the owner to lose control of their rig.

This is by no means a small mistake and could have resulted in a deadly situation. When you’re doing this type of work, these mistakes cannot happen. There’s no excuse. Is this the type of work you want on your rig?

5. You Can Get Better Discounts Elsewhere

Another thing that Lazydays RV boasts is its ability to offer steep discounts that no one else can offer. Fortunately for you as a shopper, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you shop around, you’ll likely find that you can get the same or better discounts elsewhere. While Lazydays makes their deals sound unique or grand, they’re not.

Should You Avoid Lazydays RV Dealerships?

Very few RVers have positive things to say about their RV dealership. For a while, Lazydays RV had a reputation as one of the best in the industry. However, we see more complaints and negative comments about Lazydays. They’ve shown their true colors over the last several years, particularly under pressure.

The sad truth is that Lazydays RV isn’t any better or worse than their competition. They’ve disappointed many customers, which isn’t a fun experience for anyone. However, if you enjoy gambling, you might get lucky and have an excellent experience with Lazydays RV.

Have you heard any positive or negative stories about Lazydays RV? Let us know!

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