KYD Tours the Newest Multi-Million Dollar 2022 Newell Coaches

In the fall of 2021, Keep Your Daydream, a popular YouTube channel produced by full-time RVers Marc and Tricia Leach, visited the Newell plant in Oklahoma as they traveled down Route 66. 

Newell produces some of the most stunning and high-end motorhomes on the market. These multi-million dollar coaches showcase how far the RV lifestyle has come since Newell’s beginnings in 1966. These new models may take your breath away.

Keep Your Daydream took some video footage of their visit and shared it with their subscribers on YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at the models they toured and the features that Newell owners love about their motorcoaches.

Follow KYD as they tour the newest Newell coaches.

Who Is Keep Your Daydream?

Marc and Tricia Leach are the YouTube influencers called Keep Your Daydream. They’ve established a well-known brand in the RV and camping industry. 

Last year, they started E3 Camping, an online community to educate and empower RVers. Tricia Leach recently launched her own cookbook and spices line designed for easy camping meals. 

The Leach family has been traveling since 2016 and has created a community of followers. Their YouTube channel has over 452,000 subscribers, and their KYD Insiders patrons reached over 2,100. 

When looking for RV advice, many travelers go to Keep Your Daydream for tips, tricks, and destination ideas. This particular video of their tour at Newell has over 157,000 views.

Which Newell Coaches Did They Tour?

Keep Your Daydream has been traveling down Route 66 this season, sharing local spots and attractions along the way. They didn’t plan on stopping by Newell but didn’t realize how close they would be to the manufacturing plant in Oklahoma.

The coaches they toured were custom motorhomes designed for customers. One owner wanted a mid-entry door. Another wanted dividers in the kitchen drawers. Keep Your Daydream got to see several different options of Newell’s custom-made coaches.

They saw the Lamborghini orange paint scheme of the 2022 Newell Coach 1738. They toured the interior of the 2022 Newell coach 1732 that featured a dishwasher and beautiful countertops and cabinetry. Keep Your Daydream also toured some shells that weren’t complete.

Who Is Brian Pitts?

In 2002, Brian Pitts joined the sales team at Newell. He owns a motorhome and loves the lifestyle, so he understands RVers’ needs. He has been at Newell longer than any of the other sales team staff members and is currently one of the three sales consultants. 

In a previous Keep Your Daydream episode, Marc and Tricia toured a Newell coach that their friends owned. Marc called Brian Pitts after touring the coach just to chat about Newell and get some information so he could edit the footage and post their video. 

So as Marc and Tricia were traveling down Route 66 and saw the Newell plant on the route, he gave Brian a call to see if they could take a tour.

How Does Newell Build Its Coaches? 

The Newell team spends two weeks working on the chassis before sending it over to the paint booth to receive the corrosion preventative and stylish paint Newell is known for. The company doesn’t use a Freightliner chassis or one from another manufacturer. 

They build theirs from the ground up, which gives them more customizable options. Additionally, they’re rated for over 63,000 lbs and can tow 25,000 lbs.

Each coach comes custom-made from the side walls to the layouts. After the chassis is complete, the team starts building the superstructure. The entire body of the coach and the superstructure use all-aluminum materials. 

After putting the shell in place, the above-floor electrical team installs the wiring for air conditioning units and lighting. Then the insulation crew comes in to spray the insulation foam.

The secondary crew installs tongue-in-groove jointed marine-grade plywood along the motorhome’s interior. Inside the manufacturing plant, you’ll see different pits for plumbing, appliances, flooring, etc. Each team installs the customized options for each coach.

What Are Some of the Best Features of These RVs?

Some travelers love the mid-door option. Brian Pitts explained how one owner with two large dogs wanted the mid-door because it was wider. The owner found it easier for her to get out with her dogs on a leash.

Another unique feature is the engine is below the driver and passenger seats so the motorhome is almost entirely living space.

Furthermore, Newell has started to use the window shades as projection screens instead of mounting televisions and taking up crucial space in the motorhome.

To save space, Newell now uses a 4K projector and a window shade instead of installing televisions in their coaches.
To save space, Newell now uses a 4K projector and a window shade instead of installing televisions in their coaches.

The 4K projector has all of the inputs that a television has. You can also reverse the image and watch outside through the window.

One of the best features of Newell motorhomes is the flat flooring. Instead of having raised floors in the slide-outs, Newell has engineered a slide with an additional flooring piece to make the flooring flat throughout the entire motorhome.

The slide-out sits down once extended, and the additional flooring plank comes up, making a smooth surface.

What’s So Special About How Newell Paints Its Coaches?

Newell employs “ghosting” in its paint schemes, which means an underneath design will show through parts of the base coat. They also use fading techniques where the design disappears at the back of the motorcoach. 

Newell uses flat and gloss paints and wraps the slides. Their paint schemes aren’t just colors but designs inside the paint that makes Newell coaches stand out from its competitors.

How Much Do These Coaches Cost? 

A 2022 Newell motorcoach will cost between $2-3 million. They are some of the top-of-the-line units featuring luxurious interiors, quality builds, and heavy-duty mechanics. They rank right up there with Prevost in terms of cost and elegance.

And according to a recent article by the RVIA, sales won’t be slowing down anytime soon. “The RV industry is looking at double-digit growth rates into mid-2022, due in part to low inventories, the strong financial standing of consumers, and the desire of consumers to get outdoors and experience an active outdoor lifestyle,” said Jeff Rutherford, RV Industry Association Chair and President & CEO of Airxcel. 

Travelers looking for quality, luxurious accommodations that feel like home will continue to purchase Newell motorcoaches and customize them to fit their needs.

Are These RVs Really Worth $2.5 Million?

If you want luxury accommodations, the Newell motorcoaches fit the bill. These stunning, meticulously designed rigs achieve the “wow” factor. Marc and Tricia Leach felt awe-struck as they toured these beautiful motorhomes. 

They also provide the heavy-duty towing capacity many Class A owners want so they can bring along another vehicle or trailer full of outdoor gear.

If you have the millions to spend, you may consider a Newell coach. Go check them out for yourself. Which feature is your favorite?

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