The Internet Roasts Millennial RVer

The Internet Roasts Millennial RVer

Did you know that you can now ask the internet to roast you? By posting an image and a small blurb on Reddit, you can request a thorough smackdown. But why are some people interested in getting mean comments from strangers?

Keep reading to learn more about this strange trend.

Millennial RVer Requests a Reddit Roast

Samson Singer is a 25-year-old who lives in a converted bus in Austin, Texas. He announced on Reddit that he lives in an RV because he can’t afford an apartment. The millennial RVer said he dropped out of school when he was 14 but now has his GED. He’s never had a girlfriend, and his favorite hobby is making YouTube videos. 

His request for a roasting resulted in more than 2,400 comments. Here are some of the harshest burns:

“Breaking Sad”

“What a van lifer is supposed to look like.”

“Starts every conversation with a sigh.” 

“You look like an RV.”

The roasts went on and on. People made jokes directed at his RV lifestyle, the quality of his YouTube videos, and everything in the bio he wrote. You may read some of the comments and think how cruel they are. But Samson did ask for it.

What Is a Roast?

Reddit says a roast is a place “to humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback.” It’s a form of disparaging humor.

Reddit has a “Roast Me” group where people like Samson can request a roast, and other users can dish out the disses.

Why Do People Request Online Insults?

It’s hard to say exactly why someone might request a roast, but there are a few theories.

Some people may simply be looking for attention. For some, even negative attention is better than nothing, and a roast can definitely get a lot of attention. Samson’s drew a lot of interest.

Other people might just be curious. It’s hard to say what other people might pick out about you. Those who are brave enough might let their curiosity get the best of them. 

Another theory is that roasting can make someone look more sexually attractive or strengthen bonds. In 1972, sociologist William H. Martineau proposed that disparaging humor can function as a lubricant or an abrasive for social relationships. 

Roasts certainly aren’t for everyone, though. Some would even consider roasts a form of bullying. Some digs hit a little too close to home.

What Jokes Were RV-Focused?

Samson Singer had positive, negative, and every other kind of joke flung at him. We pulled out some of the RV-focused ones:

“I would be your girlfriend, but I don’t like RVs.”

“You look like you live in an RV because it’s the only home you can park out in the woods while you write your manifesto.”

“Your forehead is bigger than the RV you livin’ in.”

Reddit isn’t the only place where you can find good jokes about the RV lifestyle. Pinterest is full of good-natured roasts of RVs and RVers.  

“He just stares at his RV in some love trance. Maybe someday he’ll actually drive it.”

“You can’t run through a campground. You can only ran. Because it’s past tents.”

“His profile said he drove a Mercedes and owned his home.”

Why It Matters

The roast of Samson Singer brought more attention to the RV lifestyle. A lot of that attention may have been negative, but his roast still shone a spotlight on how a single traveler can make their own way through RVing. 

Samson Singer might have created a buzz around his roast, but do you think he regrets it? Getting roasted definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. Do you think you could do it?

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