Campendium Was Once a Secret, Now It’s Killing Camping in Solitude

You can find hundreds of thousands of apps allowing you to do just about anything on a mobile device. Campendium has been one of the top apps recommended for finding campsites in the RVing community.

However, now that the word has spread about Campendium, we can all say goodbye to those quiet and peaceful camping trips.

Today, we’re looking at why we think Campendium is killing the idea of camping in solitude. Let’s get started!

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What Is Campendium?

Campendium is a website and mobile phone app with a massive database of campgrounds and non-traditional camping spots. Users can type in a location or search nearby for places to camp or other resources. It’s like Yelp for camping.

Similar to Yelp, users can leave reviews and pictures for each location. This can help provide information for future users to navigate roads or entrances.

Additionally, campers can add their own camping locations not found on the site. Campendium can make RVing a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable camping experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with Campendium, take a quick look at all of the features it offers campers.

Who Uses Campendium?

When Campendium first launched, full-time travelers predominantly used it to help find quality places to stay when in unfamiliar areas.

However, now that the word has spread about this incredible resource, it is popular among all types of campers.

Campendium will not likely be very useful for RVers who stay in the same campgrounds whenever they go camping. The app is tremendously helpful for anyone who frequently finds themselves camping in new areas.

Pictures and reviews within the app can help these individuals feel like they’ve visited a location before making a reservation.

A frazzled camper in a forest crowded with other people.
While Campendium is an incredibly useful resource for campers, spots that were once quiet and peaceful now buzz with traffic.

How Do You Use Campendium?

The beautiful thing about Campendium is it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Once you download the app or visit the website, it’s not confusing or overcomplicated. And we like it that way.

Type in where you want to camp, and you’ll likely see a long list of potential campgrounds. You’ll then have the option to filter the results. If you expect certain things from a campground, check those boxes in the filter. It’ll only show you campgrounds that have those amenities.

You can even filter the results by price range or the length of your RV. There’s no use in seeing results for parks out of your budget or won’t fit your RV.

Many campground listings also provide information to contact the campground, such as a phone number, physical address, or website. You’ll need to contact the campground directly to secure a reservation. But Campendium can help you find the perfect campground for your next adventure. 

Does Campendium Cost Money to Use?

Campendium offers users paid and free options. A paid membership costs $50 and includes premium access to Roadtrippers, Togo RV, and RVillage.

Paid users also get an ad-free experience. It also allows users to filter by cell service, public land, and elevation. Free users can still get a tremendous experience using the app.

Several campers and trailers parked tightly together in a wide open field under the night sky.
While the Campendium app allows users to filter campsites by cell service, public land, and elevation — they may need consider adding a real-time display of how crowded a site is.

Does Campendium Have an App?

Campendium does have an app, but it is only available in Apple’s App Store. However, users can still access the Campendium website by using the internet browser on their mobile device. 

We love how paid members can bookmark favorite campsites and then access them on the Campendium app on their phones. It makes navigating and finding addresses on the fly incredibly easy.

How Is Campendium Killing Camping in Solitude?

Some campsites that provide the most solitude and privacy have been secrets for years. The problem with top-secret spots is that word gets out about these amazing locations.

Campendium allows users to share their favorite sites that were once relatively unheard of. Since then, they’ve had to limit or prohibit camping because of overuse and abuse of the land.

Spots that were once quiet and peaceful now buzz with traffic. The humming of portable generators has replaced the sounds of birds chirping and wildlife grazing.

Some RVers have tips on how to avoid crowded boondocking spots.

It’s heartbreaking to see pictures and videos of lands covered in trash and campers packed tightly together. However, like most good things, they all must come to an end.

Many in the RV community point directly at resources like Campendium when it comes to placing blame. Most campers wouldn’t have found these serene locations if it weren’t for Campendium making it so easy.

Some would love to see apps like Campendium erase their database so they can return to camping in solitude.

Does this year mark the death of National Park camping? 🏕

Should You Use Campendium?

It’s not Campendium’s fault that people aren’t behaving themselves while camping. Anyone who enjoys camping on public lands should practice leaving no trace. You should always leave campsites cleaner and in better condition than when you found them. 

We think you should use Campendium and use it responsibly. Find campsites for your adventures, share helpful tips and pictures, and grow the database.

However, we also want to encourage you to clean up after yourself and take care of public lands. And if you have a top-secret camping location, you might want to avoid putting it on Campendium.

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