A woman holds up a letter in from of her face and her eyes widen in shock.

‘Mail Plan Failed’ According to Popular YouTubers

Getting your mail as a full-time RVer doesn’t have to be stressful. In this article, we learn from popular YouTubers when their mail plan goes wrong. The good news is they also found a helpful solution. 

Keep reading to find out how full-time RVers get their mail. And, we take a look at Wayward Waggs’ mail fail and which mail system they currently use. 

Let’s get into it!

A woman holds up a letter in from of her face and her eyes widen in shock.

How Do Full-Time RVers Get Their Mail? 

There are various ways full-time RVers can get their snail mail. Some use a family member’s address and ask the person to open their mail and send photos of anything important. They may also send mail to the full-time RVers’ current location when necessary. 

Other RVers use a mail service. Mail services vary in cost and systems. For example, a service may open and scan all your mail for a specific price and email it to you. Or they may allow you to choose which mail you want to be opened and recycle the rest.

The purpose of mail services is to provide a way for you to receive mail without having a permanent mailbox. In addition, some mail services also help your domicile in a different state and provide a residential address in that state. 

Who Is Wayward Waggs? 

Wayward Waggs is a YouTube channel about RVing produced by Dustin and Leslie, who sold their house and everything in it to RV full-time. In their 2021 Alliance Paradigm 340RL, Dustin and Leslie document their travels across the U.S. in their videos.

The Wayward Waggs have dubbed themselves the “RV Channel Like No Other”

From RV maintenance to reviews of products, you can learn a lot from their channel. In addition, they also help veterans along the way through various acts of service and giving. 

What Mail Plan Failed for the Wayward Waggs? 

The Wayward Waggs started full-time RVing with a clear plan many RVers follow. They asked a family member to accept their mail and open anything important or send it wherever they were. For Dustin and Leslie, the family member they chose was their daughter. However, the plan quickly failed. 

Dustin and Leslie’s daughter wasn’t a good choice. She moved a lot, which caused Dustin and Leslie to have to change their address multiple times. It became time-consuming and frustrating.

Dustin and Leslie talk about their snail mail journey.

In addition, their daughter didn’t take on the responsibility of informing them every time they had mail. So while the concept works for some, it didn’t work for Wayward Waggs. 

You may use a family member to manage your mail while full-time RVing. Choose someone reliable, so you don’t have a mail fail like Wayward Waggs. Make sure the family member has the time and skills to accept your mail and communicate with you promptly.

Dealing with your mail and their own can be stressful for some people. So make sure you find the right person if you choose this option.

What Mail and Domicile Service Did Wayward Waggs Start Using? 

Wayward Waggs started using Escapees RV Club mail service after the system with their daughter failed. Escapees’ service allows full-time and part-time RVers to receive mail and packages anywhere in North America. You get a personal mailbox with the service, mail forwarding, mail review, mail scanning, special sorting, online access, and a mobile app. 

In addition, Wayward Waggs used Escapees RV Club’s domicile service to help them change their driver’s license and residency. You can choose Texas, Florida, or South Dakota for your domicile.

Escapees helps you with the paperwork and have already researched to make your life much easier during the process.

What Is Escapees?

Escapees is an RV club. Any person and type of rig are welcome to join. The club has an annual membership fee and benefits, such as private interest groups, discounts on RV products, resources, mail service, and more. 

Escapees RV Club is multi-generational and has an additional part of the club known as Xscapers. The group is primarily career-oriented people who have chosen the RV lifestyle before retirement. 

Boomers can’t get enough of the Escapees RV Club — here’s why it’s such a good fit for this generation.

How Much Does Escapees Mail Service Cost? 

Escapees mail service has three different categories from which to choose:

Category A costs $95 per year and gives you the following: a personal mailbox, personal service, address for domicile, mail review by phone, forwarding upon request, forwarding on a custom schedule, receive and forward UPS and FedEx, receive and forward packages, online account management, and access to the mobile app. 

Category B costs $115 per year and gives you everything in category A, plus scanning and forwarding of only specific mail types.

Lastly, Category C costs $135 per year and includes everything in categories A and B, with the addition of fully customized sorting and forwarding.

How Does Escapees Mail Service Work? 

The Escapees RV Club’s mail service provides you with a mailing address in Texas, South Dakota, or Florida. The service receives and holds your mail until you’re ready to have it forwarded to your location or emailed to you.

If you want your mail physically delivered to you, they mail it out the next business day after your request. To have your mail emailed to you, Escapees mail service simply scans the envelopes, and you specify which you want to be forwarded, opened and scanned, or destroyed. 

Is Escapees Mail Service Worth It?

The Escapees RV Club’s mail service is worth it for full-time RVers who are constantly on the move. While there are a lot of bills and other pieces of communication you can get electronically, there will likely always be items you need to get via snail mail.

Escapees mail service is the perfect setup for many travelers to continue to get important communication from doctors, banks, etc. 

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