Is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast Dead?

If you’ve been in the RV entrepreneurship world for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Heath and Alyssa Padgett.

Maybe you’ve listened to a few of their podcasts or followed them faithfully for years. Recently, episode 233 aired with the title “The final RV Entrepreneur Podcast episode.” Let’s see if this really is the end and why.

What Is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast? 

The RV Entrepreneur podcast started in 2016 as a podcast to encourage entrepreneurship among nomads. It focused on business, RV life, and travel. Heath and Alyssa Padgett, the founders, interviewed entrepreneurs who’d taken their businesses on the road or started a business after they began traveling.

Who Are Heath and Alyssa Padgett? 

In 2014, Heath and Alyssa Padgett got married. They spent their honeymoon in an RV, traveling the country in hopes of seeing all 50 states in a year. They reached their goal in 2015 but decided not to stop there. In late 2015, they started their first mobile business, and a few months later, launched the RV Entrepreneur Podcast.

They continued supporting and encouraging nomads with the creation of the RV Entrepreneur Summit in 2017. This event welcomes entrepreneurs who travel full-time into a community where they can connect with other like-minded people. This yearly event offers a weekend full of speakers who share stories and ideas.

Apart from the podcast and summit, Heath founded, which he recently sold to Good Sam. Alyssa has written books and developed courses equipping entrepreneurs who want to travel. Now, they’ve purchased a campground in Colorado, where they’ve settled down with their daughter. Currently, Heath and Alyssa are working to open this campground in 2022 and expecting baby number two.

A Brief History of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast

After living in an RV and traveling for a year, Heath and Alyssa weren’t ready to settle down. But they had no experience with remote work. They had to decide how to make money on the road. This was when they launched the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, where they shared their story. They also interviewed people like them who had a dream of traveling and starting a business.

How the Podcast Created a Movement

After the podcast took off, the Padgetts created a Facebook group for followers to connect with like-minded people. It’s a great place to ask questions about creating a business from the road. Currently, it has more than 18,000 members.

The podcast led Alyssa to write her first book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV.” From this book, she created an online entrepreneur school. The free and paid courses focus on creating a blog, traveling on a budget, publishing a book, and more.

Heath and Alyssa have been guest speakers at numerous conferences and shared their experiences living on the road. They’re experts in the nomadic entrepreneurship lifestyle and have inspired countless others to hit the road and dream big.

Is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast Dead? 

If you consider no new episodes “dead,” then yes, the RV Entrepreneur Podcast is dead. They haven’t recorded any new episodes since they released podcast 233 in July 2021. Heath and Alyssa’s new adventure creating a campground space in Colorado has their full attention.

Don’t Worry: All 233 RV Entrepreneur Podcast Episodes Are Still Online

However, all 233 RV Entrepreneur Podcast episodes remain online and available for download. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Overcast. These episodes cover all kinds of topics relating to running a business from your RV. You’ll be inspired, challenged, encouraged, and enlightened as you listen to Heath and Alyssa.

What You Can Learn from the RV Entrepreneur Podcast

There are so many interviews on the RV Entrepreneur podcast that you’re bound to find one that encourages you on your journey. In one of the first episodes (009), Heath chats with Cherie and Chris from technomadia, who still run a thriving business on the road today. They help travelers find internet solutions for their lifestyle so that working and traveling can co-exist.

Later, in episode 039, Heath interviews Eric Hannan from They discuss how Eric created a social media marketing company from his RV. In episode 095, Heath hands the mic over to Abigail Schilling, who shares her story about making a living through Upwork. Episode 122 details the experience of Chris Crimmins and how he makes money renting out his Nashville house on Airbnb.

This list goes on. Heath and Alyssa also share tips like how to market yourself from the road and gain followers and subscribers. The podcasts are full of personal stories and helpful education to encourage dreamers to get on the road and make money while traveling.

Younger people are trying to figure out how to live life on the road. They don’t want to wait until retirement to travel. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast helps them figure out how to establish a business. It offers resources to help maintain and grow a business and encourages people not to give up on that dream. With more working-age individuals, couples, and families hitting the road, these travelers have looked to Heath and Alyssa for guidance and inspiration.

How to Connect with Other RV Entrepreneurs

The RV Entrepreneur Facebook group and the RV Entrepreneur Summit are two great places to connect with like-minded people. This year’s Summit took place in Montrose at Heath and Alyssa’s new campground. Follow their blog to stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities to connect with other nomadic entrepreneurs.

The RV Entrepreneur Podcast Might Be Dead, But RV Entrepreneurship Will Never Die

Heath and Alyssa may not be producing new podcast episodes, but they aren’t finished with entrepreneurship. This next adventure of opening a campground is a new endeavor for their growing family. Perhaps their journey will inspire you. Are you stuck wondering how to make money while you travel? Heath and Alyssa offer great resources. What’s in store for your next business venture from the road?

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