Disgruntled ATC Camper Owner Blasts Company and Posts Scathing Complaint Video

Judging by what you see in many of the large Facebook groups, many RVers aren’t too fond of their RV manufacturer. One disgruntled ATC Trailer owner was so upset with his experience with the company that he created a website to warn others. 

However, the customer, Brad Ekstam, wasn’t just any ordinary customer, and ATC Campers didn’t know who they were messing with.

Today, we’re looking at how this situation unfolded for Ekstam, and we’ll see if you should do business with ATC. Let’s get started!

How NOT to do business | ATC Trailers

What Is an ATC Camper?

ATC (Aluminum Trailer Company) began building campers and trailers at their Northern Indiana facilities in 1999. The company started making and selling utility trailers and prides itself in using lean manufacturing principles, which allow them to improve quality, reduce costs, and manage manufacturing lead times.

ATC desires to listen to its customers and dealers to meet their ever-changing needs. As a result, they’ve branched into the RV industry and now offer RVs and various cargo, sport, and commercial trailers.  

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About ATC Trailers

Let’s take a look at what ATC Trailers offers in their lineup. They claim, “Whether you need a trailer to move cargo, treasured vehicles, or meet your commercial needs, ATC has a model to fit your requirements.” Let’s put them to the test!


ATC offers fifth wheels and travel trailers; all are toy haulers. They have an all-aluminum construction, meaning they have no wood framing anywhere in the unit.

In addition, they provide plenty of space for you to bring your favorite toys. The two RVs in their lineup are the Game Changer and the Game Changer PRO.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Game Changer has a predetermined furniture arrangement. On the other hand, the Game Changer PRO allows the owner to configure the furniture to their needs. 

If you like the idea of flexibility and making your camper work for you, consider the Game Changer PRO.

ATC offers various floorplans and lengths to meet just about any RVing situation. Whether you want a short 26-foot camper for two or a massive 41-foot beast that weighs more than 20,000 pounds for your family, you can find it with ATC.

Aluminum utility trailer parked in a sunny parking lot.


The company started with trailers and offers utility, car haulers, and commercial trailers for various purposes. And you can get a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer to help you get your work done. 

Need a mobile office or fiber optical splicing center? They’ve got it. A marketing tent for stage performances or as a vendor? They offer that too.

What Is FASS Diesel Fuel Systems?

FASS is short for Fuel Air Separation System. This complex filtration system helps diesel trucks with fuel efficiency and performance. And it maximizes the life of the components in the injection system. 

Whether you operate a commercial fleet or want the longest life and best performance out of your personal vehicle, FASS Diesel Fuels Systems can help.

Brad Ekstam started FASS Diesel Fuels in 2003 and has since developed an innovative product backed by customer satisfaction.

Why Did the Owner of FASS Diesel Fuel Systems Blast ATC Camper?

A disgruntled man in a frenzy pictured in front of an aluminum trailer.

The owner of FASS Diesel Fuel Systems, Brad Ekstam, purchased several trailers from ATC and almost immediately experienced safety and structural issues. He wanted a better-quality trailer from ATC but wasn’t happy with the response he received from the manufacturer. 

While many of the issues Ekstam experienced weren’t necessarily surprising, how ATC treated him was.

Ekstam purchased multiple ATC trailers for his team to travel the country to grow his business. He invested more than $600,000 in trailers, making him a special customer. 

While it doesn’t appear that Ekstam was asking for preferential treatment, from a business perspective, it would make sense for ATC to answer his concerns and correct his issues.

Finally, Ekstam purchased the domain BewareATC.com and recorded a special video message detailing his less-than-stellar experience with the trailer manufacturing company.

What Problems Did FASS Fuel Systems Have With the ATC Campers? 

Ekstam lists many complaints in his video and has a detailed account he wrote and linked on the website. One of the most significant complaints was the unit’s repeated loss of trailer brakes from when he brought it home. 

He had a 20,000-pound unit which poses a significant safety concern if it can’t stop without the assistance of trailer brakes.

It wasn’t long after this incident that Ekstam also received a call from ATC regarding a safety concern for his trailer due to the mounting of the hydraulic jacks. 

The representative from ATC told him that he should refrain from using the jacks until they could service them. She stated he’d need to return the trailer to Indiana to have it repaired.

Having brake and hydraulic issues almost immediately would pose a significant concern for any owner. However, the difficulties didn’t end there for Ekstam. He has a long list of other problems with the trailer.

Many of his complaints concern the lack of quality craftsmanship in the unit. These include shower leaks, appliance failures, and an alignment issue with the axles. These only get compounded by ATC’s lack of desire and urgency to address the problems.

One of the most shocking reveals from Ekstam is that he was in the process of purchasing an additional ATC trailer shortly before making his video. He stated they were weeks away from taking possession of their $176,000 trailer. 

However, ATC informed him that the price had gone up during the build and now cost $280,000, an astounding $104,000 increase. Ekstam walked away from the deal, and he and FASS no longer will do business with the company.

Did ATC Campers Resolve Any of the Issues?

In Ekstam’s original video, he mentioned that the company did repair part of the damaged structure. However, no one has posted an update on the situation. 

Though, he replied to a commenter that FASS moved on to another trailer company based on the interaction.

We can assume that ATC has not had further interaction to resolve other issues.

Should You Do Business With ATC Trailers? 

Based on Ekstam’s experience with the company, you might want to think twice if you’re considering purchasing from ATC Trailers. While some customers likely have a positive experience with them, Ekstam’s not your average customer, and they left him high and dry. 

Have you had any issues with ATC Trailers?

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