Graffiti in Arizona that reads "Britney Spears Made Me Do It" on a colorful striped wall.

Britney Spears’ Dad Is Supposedly Full-Time RV Living

There’s a growing trend of people selling their homes and moving into RVs to travel and embrace a modest lifestyle. However, it’s not just ordinary people choosing to embrace the lifestyle.

Jamie Spears, father to the pop icon Britney Spears, has recently moved into an RV. Let’s look at the unfolding drama to see what led him to embrace the full-time RV lifestyle.

Graffiti in Arizona that reads "Britney Spears Made Me Do It" on a colorful striped wall.

Why Did Jamie Spears Supposedly Move into an RV?

If you tend to avoid celebrity gossip, you’re probably not aware that since 2008 Jamie Spears has been responsible for his daughter and her massive wealth. As a result of her repeated actions of instability, the court appointed her father conservator of her estate.

In September of 2020, they removed Jamie Spears from being Britney’s conservator. He earned $16,000 per month and took a 1.5% cut of her gross revenue.

While this move into an RV may sound surprising, it’s been a long time coming. Britney has been battling her father’s conservatorship since 2014.

It may have been a good decision to grant her father conservatorship at one point in Britney’s life. Still, Britney testified that it was no longer necessary and that her father had used the conservatorship in an abusive way to control almost every aspect of her life.

In June 2021, Britney took to the stand in court. She sat before a crowded courtroom with a judge to share her story, a story filled with isolation, medication, financial exploitation, and emotional abuse.

This entire situation shows us what fame and fortune can do to families. Whether this is the end of the Spears family saga or not is unclear.

What Kind of RV Is He Living In?

Jamie Spears sold the family home and is now living in a Dutchman Denali. Used, this RV tends to go for about $30,000. This is a relatively inexpensive RV for him, considering his salary was $16,000 per month, plus an additional $2,000 each month for office space.

Where Does Jamie Spears Live?

Currently, Jamie Spears lives outside of the small town of Kentwood, La. You’ll need to travel just outside of town down a winding country road to find his new residence. The entire Spears family calls Kentwood home.

If you’re hoping for a chance to spot him, locals claim he tends to stick to himself. However, they do say he frequents the local VFW bar and that he hosts crawfish boils.

It appears he leads a rather normal life in a typical American small town, minus the fact that his daughter is a mega-star, and their family has been in the spotlight in recent years. 

Where Is Jamie’s RV Parked?

Jamie’s RV and a truck for his catering company, Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos, reside near a warehouse in Kentwood, La. The warehouse houses boxed-up memories and mementos from when his daughter took the world by storm. 

Will Jamie Spears Continue RV Life After the Trial?

It’s unclear whether Jamie Spears will continue the RV life after the trial. It’s safe to say that he’s unlikely to make any significant purchases anytime soon with the major loss in income.

After so much negative attention in the media, it’ll be no surprise if Jamie Spears takes off in an RV to disconnect from the rest of the world.

Many of us take to the RVing lifestyle to experience the world. The circumstances seem rather different for Jamie Spears, however. Maybe he’ll get a taste for adventure and the open road in the coming years.

Are you surprised Jamie Spears is jumping on the RV-living bandwagon?

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