A single white shoe abandoned on the ground near yellow police tape.

7 Terrifying Tours for True Crime Lovers

The perfect lazy night for some people is sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn and turning on a true crime documentary. They often enjoy watching the type of documentary that’s just creepy enough to give you the chills but not so scary that you’ll be sleeping with the lights on. If that’s your perfect evening, we dare you to take the next step and book one of the terrifying true crime tours we’ve found. 

Why watch the stories on TV when you can walk through the streets and see the stories unfold as you walk the sidewalks yourself? Let’s get started!

A single white shoe abandoned on the ground near yellow police tape.

What Are True Crime Tours?

True crime tours are fun experiences organized by businesses that take participants through sites of some of the most brutal and heinous crime scenes. You can find them throughout the country, especially in larger cities or areas with notorious serial killers or slayings.

The experiences provide a hands-on look at the crime scenes and allow participants to learn more about the crime and investigation.

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Are True Crime Tours Family-Friendly?

While true crime tours typically depict very heinous crimes, some can do so in a very historic fashion. Family-friendly tours will focus less on the horrific details and more on the lives of the people involved in the crime. 

We strongly suggest you consult with the tour guides if you’re looking to book a true crime tour as a family. You don’t want to find your family in the middle of a true crime tour that is entirely inappropriate for your family or is more gruesome than you had anticipated.

7 Terrifying Tours for True Crime Lovers 

If you’re a true crime enthusiast, we’ve found several tours all over the country that you’re sure to love. You may even plan your next vacation around getting to experience one of these terrifying tours!

Cream City Cannibal: Jeffrey Dahmer Tour

Location: Milwaukee, WI

About: Want to walk the same streets as one of the most horrific serial killers in American history? The Jeffrey Dahmer Tour allows you to experience the area where Dahmer picked up seven of his 17 victims during his cannibalistic serial killing spree.

This tour is not for the faint of heart, so it’s an adults-only tour. You’ll learn the terrifying details of Dahmer’s crimes and how he psychologically and physically dissected his victims.

Retired NYPD Tour

Location: New York, NY

About: Who’s better to give a chilling true crime tour than a retired New York police officer? Your guide will lead you through the East Village, Little Italy, and Chinatown to see some of the most popular crime scenes and gang landmarks.

You’ll also learn about the mafia’s historical past in the area. The Retired NYPD Tour includes a few food stops along the way, allowing you to experience the area with your eyes and tastebuds. 

Devil & the White City Tour

Location: Chicago, IL

About: The Devil & the White City Tour is the original tour inspired by the popular book by Erik Larson. This tour will take you through some popular crime sites in the Windy City. That includes where the Great Chicago Fire began, the World’s Fairgrounds, and the Murder Castle of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer.

It’s a three-hour tour that starts at the Congress Plaza Hotel. You may even want to read The Devil in the White City before booking your tour.

Beacon Hill Crime Tour

Location: Boston, MA

About: If you remember hearing the gruesome stories of the Boston Strangler and his victims, now you can experience them in person. Walk through the 18 months of fear that the residents of Boston experienced as the Boston Strangler attacked numerous victims.

The Beacon Hill Crime Tour takes you to several homes of victims and the Charles Street Jail. The tour lasts approximately two hours and is an R-rated tour. 

Kansas City Gangster Bus Tour

Location: Kansas City, MO

About: Kansas City had a thriving and bustling gangster population in the 1920s and 1930s. This 90-minute interactive tour walks you through the city’s gangster past, which was filled with corruption and murders. You’ll see the sites of speakeasies, brothels, murder scenes, and many other spots where mobsters spent their time in the city.

The Kansas City Gangster Bus Tour has been running for more than 20 years and is the oldest running historical tour available. Tours are only available on Saturdays, so plan your trip accordingly.

The Capitol Hill True Crime Tour

Location: Seattle, WA

About: This is one of America’s creepiest true crime tours. the Capitol Hill True Crime Tour looks into two of the most prolific serial killers in the world. This is a three-hour tour; children must be at least 12 years old to participate.

Not only will you visit some of Seattle’s charming neighborhoods around Capitol Hill, but you’ll see Bruce Lee’s grave site, the oldest surviving cemetery, and Kurt Cobain’s former home. However, the terrifying part of the tour is exploring Ted Bundy’s stomping ground.

French Quarter True Crime Walking Tour

Location: New Orleans, LA

About: The French Quarter True Crime Walking Tour is only available as a private tour, so grab your friends and book your tour. This tour walks you through the horrific crimes in a city known for its southern charm.

Crime scene tape is just as popular as the Mardi Gras beads you see hanging from the trees and power lines. You’ll hear stories of slayings by assassins, crimes of passion, and even the Axeman serial killer who law enforcement never apprehended.

If you dare book this tour, you’ll likely be double-checking to ensure you’ve locked the doors before bed at night.

Don’t Miss These True Crime Tours

There are many great true crime tours across the country, but these are just a few of our favorites. Some of the best true crime tours are in places you least expect them to be. They appear to be sleepy little towns with little excitement.

However, behind the scenes, horrific murders occur, and serial killers plot their next deadly killing spree. If you’re interested in true crime and history, plan a trip to one of these locations and book your tour!

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