Two young campers do yoga on the beach outside of their teardrop travel trailer.

5 Tiny Teardrop Trailers

Are you looking for the perfect weekend getaway camper? A teardrop trailer can do the trick. They’re easy to tow, require low maintenance, and you can store them almost anywhere. 

Teardrop campers offer options for where you camp. An SUV or sedan can tow most of these trailers, so you can get into nearly any campsite on your bucket list. 

Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Let’s take a look at the benefits of teardrop trailers and five of the best options on the market.

Two young campers do yoga on the beach outside of their teardrop travel trailer.

What Is a Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a compact, lightweight pull-behind camper. Most take on a teardrop shape or a dynamic arrow style, thus the name.

Teardrop trailers are often too short to stand upright inside and have minimal amenities. There are versions with backs that lift up like a garage door and contain a kitchen or storage space.

Tiny RVs come in all shapes. Here are 7 awesomely small campers to check out this year.

What Are the Benefits of Tiny Teardrop Trailers?

Two of the main benefits of tiny teardrop trailers are the size and tow-ability. Some are small enough to store in a garage, and they’re easy to tow and maneuver.

And, you can find brands that are under 4,000 lbs, which an SUV or some sedans with larger towing capacities can pull. In addition, they’re cute little campers that are pretty affordable.

This solo female traveler started off towing her teardrop trailer around the country on motorcycle.

Do Tiny Teardrop Trailers Have Heating and AC?

You can find teardrop trailers with heat and air conditioning as a standard feature or the option to add them. Their air conditioners are usually around 5,000 BTUs since it only needs to cool a tiny space.

For example, the Little Guy MyPod comes standard with an installed wall air conditioner. So you can still have creature comforts in a small teardrop. 

Little Guy MyPod, photo courtesy of Xtreme Outdoors.

Are Tiny Teardrop Campers Claustrophobic?

If you’re someone who gets claustrophobic quickly, you may want to try out a teardrop camper for a few nights before purchasing one.

But overall, the tiny trailers have windows and doors, and most have ceiling vents that open to keep air flowing.

In addition, some teardrop campers have two doors on either side so that you can open both to make the space feel bigger.

Can You Suffocate in a Tiny Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop camper needs to have proper ventilation. Technically, you could suffocate in one if it’s not vented.

However, it’s a small space, and oxygen needs to get it. So, be sure to keep your ceiling vent or a window open when inside a teardrop trailer. Also, make sure the air can circulate without obstructions.

How Much Do Tiny Teardrop Campers Cost?

Teardrop campers are affordable, but some brands are higher priced than others. The bottom line is, no matter your budget, there are options out there.

You can find teardrops between $5,000 and $10,000. Some models cost over $20,000. 

5 Tiny Teardrop Trailers

Let’s look at five popular and well-constructed tiny teardrop trailers. We’ll give you an overview of each and look at their key features.

#1. Tiny Camper Co. 4×8 Classic Sleeper

Check out a quick tour of the stand model Classic Sleeper by Tiny Camper Company

About: Tiny Camper’s 4×8 Classic Sleeper has a vintage look with modern construction and technology. Its two doors and two windows with screens provide optimum airflow. The camper is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide, and it’s 46 inches high inside in the center. It weighs 790 lbs with a dry tongue weight of 60 lbs.

Key Features: The 4×8 Classic Sleeper has hardwood floors, making for easy cleaning. Another great feature is the front cargo rack to store extra gear, a propane tank, or a generator to take along.

#2. Little Guy MyPod

The Little Guy MyPod is extremely light, making it towable by almost any vehicle.

About: The Little Guy MyPod is a fiberglass molded body on a lightweight frame. It has a dry weight of 840 lbs with a tongue weight of 110 lbs. The inside height is 37 feet, and it’s 6 feet wide, and the overall length is 11 feet 6 inches.

The MyPod’s door is in the back, and you can opt for a screen room to attach to the rear of the teardrop trailer.

Key Features: The MyPod comes in five color options: white, silver, black, blue, or red. So, you can get one to match your tow vehicle. It also comes with a double bed, a TV, and air conditioning. 

#3. Timberleaf Trailers Pika

Kevin Mallick, owner and originator of Timberleaf Trailers, talks about the popular teardrop trailers his company is well known for.

About: The Pika Teardrop Trailer is slick and off-road-ready with a rock guard on the front. And it has 205/75r15 trailer tires with 15-inch aluminum wheels. Or you can upgrade to all-terrain tires.

It’s built on a 54-inch by 96-inch powder-coated 11 gauge steel frame with aluminum sides and a skylight. The Pika weighs 1,025 lbs.

Key Features: The Pika features a rear galley with a countertop, cabinet, and drawers. There is a 12-volt accessory port and a 110-volt GCFI outlet. You can also add a Dometic 12-volt refrigerator on a slide in the galley.

#4. Escapod TOPO2

Escapod TOPO2 – an off-road trailer that doesn’t ask you to choose adventure over comfort.

About: The Escapod TOPO2 is made of a single-piece composite fiberglass shell with molded rain gutters to direct water away from the roof hatch and doors.

Best of all, the shell’s PET core is made from recycled milk cartons! As a result, the teardrop trailer is sustainable without wood that can lead to mold or leaks. Its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 3,500 lbs, and its interior cabin height is 48.5 inches. 

Key Features: The TOPO2 has a rear galley with a sink connected to a 21-gallon water tank. It also has a two-burner stove and space for a Yeti refrigerator. In addition, the teardrop trailer comes equipped with a solar panel for staying off-grid longer.

#5. Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

Tour the cozy Do-Drop trailer.

About: The Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop is lightweight at only 550 lbs. Its body is 4 feet wide, 3.5 feet tall, and 7 feet long.

The teardrop trailer is minimalistic and straightforward for short camping trips. Its bed is 78 inches by 47 inches, and you can add a camp kitchen.

Key Features: The Do-Drop features two doors with windows. They provide excellent cross-ventilation in this tiny teardrop trailer.

Would You Camp in a Tiny Teardrop Trailer?

A tiny teardrop trailer is a perfect solution for weekend getaways or if you don’t want to spend money on an expensive RV. They can also be an excellent option for a second camping unit when you prefer not to put the miles on your bigger rig.

If you get a chance to see a teardrop trailer in person, we highly recommend checking them out. You might be surprised at how inviting they are. 

Would you camp in one of the options we’ve listed? If so, which one?

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