View over the landscape in Yellowstone National Park of a waterfall.

The Best Yellowstone RV Camping

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the country. Between the wildlife, geysers, and ever-changing landscapes, Yellowstone has something for everyone.

If you’re planning to do some Yellowstone RV camping soon, we have a few options for you to consider. Let’s get started!

View over the landscape in Yellowstone National Park of a waterfall.

Yellowstone Is a Spectacular RV Camping Destination

We can’t think of a better place to park your RV and go exploring than in Yellowstone. The national park and surrounding areas are incredibly gorgeous.

There are plenty of options for those looking to boondock or camp in established campgrounds. Reservations can go quickly, so make sure you plan early!

The Best Yellowstone Park Entrance for Your RV

There are five entrances to the park. The one you choose will depend on your RV.

Overall, the best entrance for RVs is the north entrance. This has you entering the park through the city of Gardiner. You can even pull off for a quick picture at Roosevelt Arch.

The south entrance is also grand if you’re coming from the south after visiting Grand Teton National Park. As you get closer to Yellowstone, there are slight grades on the road, but they aren’t too concerning.

Yellowstone RV Camping Options

Yellowstone RV camping sites can fill up fast during the busy season. However, you can snag an excellent spot close to the park and spend several days exploring if you plan ahead. 

National Park Campgrounds

Yellowstone National Park offers over 2,000 campsites throughout the 12 different campgrounds. These campgrounds reach capacity for almost the entire camping season. So make sure you plan early and set reminders to make reservations.

If you’re not able to snag a site at any of the Yellowstone campgrounds, you can also try to reserve one of the 1,000+ sites at one of the seven park campgrounds at Grand Teton National Park. It’s only about an hour’s drive between the parks, but the drive is beautiful, and you’ll quickly pass the time.

Private Campgrounds

If you can’t stay in the national park for Yellowstone RV camping, the next best thing is to stay near it. They may not be cheap, but there are a host of local private campgrounds in the area that offer a variety of amenities and types of sites.

Like the national park campgrounds, these sites fill up fast on weekends and holidays.

Get ready for changes coming to the national park system in 2022.

Do You Need a Reservation to RV Camp in Yellowstone?

If you show up to camp in your RV in Yellowstone without a reservation, you’re going to be in a challenging position. These sites book up months in advance and typically get snatched up within minutes of becoming available.

Without a reservation, you’re going to need to start calling to check availability at local campgrounds or try your luck at finding a spot to boondock. Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from for both camping styles.

Where to RV Camp in Yellowstone

Whether staying in the national park or within driving distance, the region is breathtakingly beautiful. We want your experience at Yellowstone to be memorable. The campground you choose can enhance that experience.

Here are several of the best Yellowstone RV camping locations.

#1. Fishing Bridge Campground

Address: N 44 33.820 W 110 22.167 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Fishing Bridge Campground: Fishing Bridge Campground sits along the Yellowstone River at 7,800 feet elevation. This campgrounds namesake is a wooden vehicle bridge that once served as a popular fishing spot. However, as of 1973, visitors are prohibited from fishing from the bridge. 

The campground is off Grand Loop Road and close to many of the major attractions within the park. You’ll be a short drive from the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and can easily visit Hayden Valley. This is an excellent location for enjoyable RV camping in Yellowstone.

Included Amenities: This is the only campground in the park that has full hookups and reservations. You’ll have water, sewer, and electrical hookups at your site.

The park is expanding to increase its sites, add a larger parking lot, and build a new dump station. The park is also renovating four comfort stations to meet ADA standards and adding an expanded registration building and laundry/shower facilities.

Fees: $83/night

Know Before You Go: This seasonal campground is open from May 27 through October 8. Sites are not for larger RVs, so make sure you provide the correct length when making your reservation.

This campground is undergoing a significant renovation in 2022, which could cause issues if the weather doesn’t cooperate. In 2023, the campground is also adjusting to a 13-month reservation window. They’ll open reservations on the 5th of each month for a year in advance.

A bison grazes in a valley with mountains and forest in the distance.

Here are the quickest ways to get fined at a national park.

#2. Bridge Bay Campground

Address: N 44 32.070 W 110 26.218 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Bridge Bay Campground: Bridge Bay Campground sits at 7,800 feet elevation and is near Yellowstone Lake. When you snag a spot at this beautiful location for some Yellowstone RV camping, you can enjoy views of the mountains in the Absaroka Range as they rise above the eastern shore of Yellowstone Lake.

There are over 432 sites, and you’ll be close to many of the top destinations in the park along the loop trail. Guests frequently see bison and even an occasional bear in the campground.

Included Amenities: If you’re camping here, plan to be dry camping. You’ll need to fill up your freshwater tank and have plenty of space in your tanks for your stay. There is potable water, a dump station, and flushable toilets for guests. However, there are no shower facilities.

Fees: $29/night

Know Before You Go: This campground can house rigs up to 40’ long. Sites can be very unlevel. You’ll be assigned a spot during the check-in process. You don’t get to pick your site.

#3. Canyon Campground

Address: N 44 44.118 W110 29 17 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Canyon Campground: This seasonal campground houses 273 total campsites at 7,900 feet elevation. Canyon Campground is near Cascade Lake, Mount Washburn, and the Canyon Rim trails, all prime spots for hiking in Yellowstone.

You’ll love getting to camp along the lodgepole pine forest and be close to Canyon Village. The jaw-dropping view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is just a short drive.

Included Amenities: The campground offers bathrooms with running water, a kitchen washing station, and bear boxes at each site. With a laundry facility, dump station, and access to potable water, this is an excellent spot for RV camping in Yellowstone. 

Fees: $34/night

Know Before You Go: Like many of the campgrounds in the national park, the smaller your rig, the better. Larger rigs will have trouble fitting into sites, but some are available that can fit up to 40 feet.

This is one of the most popular campgrounds due to its central location and wooded setting. Make sure you book your site well in advance! Keep in mind that the campground is closed from September until the end of May.

Steaming, bright blue, natural pools in Yellowstone national park.

#4. Grant Village Campground

Address: N 44 23.610 W 110 33.769 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Grant Village Campground: Grant Village Campground sits on the southwest shore of Yellowstone Lake. At 7,800 feet elevation, you’ll love the smell of the lodgepole pine forest that surrounds the campground and the easy access to the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

You can relax in the campground or take a short drive to walk along the boardwalk. You can navigate the trail system to enjoy views of hot springs and the many other thermal features.

Included Amenities: There are 430 dry-camping sites in this campground. You’ll find a laundry facility, a dump station, and potable water for guests. It has everything you could need for a spot to stay while adventuring in the park!

Fees: $34/night

Know Before You Go: This campground is closed from September 12 until June 2. Like many of the campgrounds in Yellowstone, this is a great campground and is loved by many. Sites can go quickly, and you’ll want to make sure you snag a reservation before you arrive.

#5. Madison Campground

Address: N 44 38.725 W 110 51.687 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Madison Campground: Madison Campground and its 278 campsites sit at 6,800 feet elevation. The campground is 14 miles from West Yellowstone and 16 miles from the famous Old Faithful Geyser.

You can easily access Gibbon and Firehole rivers from here and see wildflowers and bison in the early summer. The sounds of bugling elk will lull you to sleep in September and October. Staying here can give you an authentic Yellowstone experience.

Included Amenities: You’ll find a dump station and potable water, but no laundry facilities. 

Fees: $29/night

Know Before You Go: You are assigned your site upon check-in, and generators can’t run past 8 PM. So make sure you charge up those batteries before quiet hours! The campground has minimal cell coverage.

A bison strolls through a campground where and RV is camping in Yellowstone.

#6. Mammoth Campground

Address: N 44 58.4166 W 110.41.59392 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190

About Mammoth Campground: Mammoth Campground is the only campground in Yellowstone open year-round. Eighty-five campsites sit at 6,200 feet elevation and are five miles from the park’s north entrance.

You’ll camp along with a scattering of juniper and Douglas fir trees. These are great for casting shade onto your site during the summer months.

Plenty of wildlife frequent the area, including bison and elk that regularly stroll through the campground. There are opportunities for fishing, hiking, and visiting Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces nearby.

Included Amenities: Due to being open year-round, you’re only going to find potable water here. 

Fees: $25/night

Know Before You Go: You would make reservations for this campground through Site availability opens on a 6-month rolling window. This means that on February 23, 2022, sites will open through August 23, 2022.

There are also a limited number of short-term release sites available two weeks in advance.

Yellowstone RV Camping Is Worth It

RV camping in Yellowstone National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many adventurers. If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot at any of the campgrounds we’ve mentioned, you’re sure to have an incredible experience.

Being able to enjoy the park at various times and listen to the sounds of nature as you fall asleep is fantastic. Have you been lucky enough to do some Yellowstone RV Camping?

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