What Will RV Inspiration Change in New RV?

What Will RV Inspiration Change in New RV? 

The couple behind the popular RVing website RV Inspiration recently announced they’d purchased a new RV. Many, ourselves included, are itching to find out how they’ll renovate and innovate this time around. Let’s take a closer look at the people behind the RV Inspiration brand and learn a bit more about their new motorhome.

RV Inspiration enjoying their new RV.

Who Is RV Inspiration? 

RV Inspiration is an RV lifestyle website created by Ashley Mann. Ashley is a teacher-turned-RVer who transformed her passion for downsizing and RV living space optimization into a helpful resource for other RVers.

Ashley started RVing with her husband, Josiah, and their cat, Kitty. The couple lived stationary in a fifth wheel for three years in a few different states before returning to a house. Recently, they announced they’d purchased a new motorhome.

What Is the RV Inspiration Blog Known For? 

The RV Inspiration blog focuses on RV organization, remodeling and renovating, and RV storage hacks to optimize and decorate your tiny space. The site features popular articles on downsizing for RV life, painting an RV, budget RV makeovers, cold weather RVing, and much more. 

RV Inspiration renovating a new RV.

About the RV Inspiration Marketplace

After RV Inspiration exploded in popularity, Ashley launched the RV Inspiration Marketplace. The marketplace lists renovated RVs for sale. It offers a central location for buyers and sellers of renovated RVs. 

About RV Inspiration’s New RV

In a recent post, Ashley announced a very exciting purchase: a new-to-them motorhome. It’s a Monaco La Palma. The couple hasn’t shared many details or photos yet, but we can’t wait to learn more. 

What Will They Change? 

Since Ashley and the RV Inspiration blog are known for RV decoration and small-space optimization, we suspect they might make some significant changes. If nothing else, we’re sure Ashley will use the organization hacks she learned from her previous RV to help keep their space organized. She has a lot to work with in this RV, so it’s hard to predict what will change.

They Might Improve Organization

If anyone is a pro at organization options for RVs, it’s Ashley. If she hasn’t personally done it herself, she’s talked to someone who has. With several pages on RV organization on her website, she certainly knows how to maximize space, and we anticipate her doing this with the new Monaco. 

They Might Paint the Walls

Paint is one thing that can drastically change the look of an RV. It’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade, too. If they want to update the look of their RV without going all-in on renovations, they might decide to paint.

Painting an RV is a time-consuming process. And, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as painting a house. RV Inspiration offers an Ultimate Guide to Painting Your RV Interior here. We imagine these tips and tricks will help the couple if they paint.

They May Add Additional Storage Options

There’s a pretty good chance the creator of RV Inspiration will add a few extra storage options in her new RV. Organization and storage go hand-in-hand and make small RV spaces much more efficient.\

Will RV Inspiration Renovate Their New RV? 

The couple has not announced any plans to renovate their new RV. But that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Purchasing a new RV is an exciting time for anyone, even experienced RVers. Have you ever used RV Inspiration’s tips and tricks to fix up your RV?

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