A motorhome RV drives down the highway and the sun fades in and out of clouds.

What Happened to Haylett RV?

If you follow YouTuber influencers in the RV industry, you might have “Keep Your Daydream” or “Less Junk More Journey” on your subscriptions list. You’ve probably heard of Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews and Josh “The RV Nerd,” who now works for Bish’s RV. Wait…what? Didn’t Josh Winters work for his father’s company at Haylett RV?

It’s true. Josh did begin his YouTube channel as an employee of Haylett RV. So what happened? Let’s find out.

A motorhome RV drives down the highway and the sun fades in and out of clouds.

What Is Haylett RV?

Dave and Nancy Haylett established Haylett Auto & RV Superstore in 1989. Operating on 15 acres in Coldwater, Mich., Haylett RV remained a small dealership committed to customer satisfaction for over 30 years. 

The dealership was very active in the community. And one of the sons of the Hayletts, Josh Winters, grew the brand more when he started his YouTube channel, “Josh the RV Nerd.” Haylett RV became a nationwide name for many RV owners.

Who Is the Owner of Haylett RV? 

Dave Haylett, the father of Josh “The RV Nerd” Winters, previously owned Haylett RV. It was a family-owned business for decades, but when Mr. Haylett chose to retire, he had to find someone to take the company. 

He also wanted to ensure Haylett RV went into the hands of a company or person who shared the same values. He found that in Bish’s RV.

What Happened to Haylett RV?

Neither Josh nor his brother wanted to own the company once their father chose to retire. Although their father wanted to pass down the family-owned business to his sons, they didn’t have the same dream. 

So he pursued selling the company and found Bish’s RV. Nothing happened to the dealership. It’s simply under new management now. The dealership remains open, selling RVs, and Josh still produces videos. 

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Was Haylett RV Sold? 

Bish’s RV acquired Haylett RV at the end of 2021 and added it to its numerous locations in Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Michigan, and Wyoming.

Many considered it the largest family-owned RV dealer from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest. However, Bish’s RV remains a medium-size dealership, though larger than the single Haylett RV lot.

When the family discussed what to do with Haylett RV, providing stability for their team was very important. They struggled to get inventory because they were a smaller dealership, whereas larger dealerships had full lots. 

Caucasian Woman Buying New Camper Van. Looking Around To Find the Perfect Camper on the Dealership Lot.

By merging with Bish’s RV, the Haylett family believed they would be best providing for their staff. Not just with increased sales, but Bish’s RV also offers employees better health care benefits than Haylett RV could provide.

The Hayletts also believed this merger was positive because it provided more selection and more opportunity for the Coldwater, Mich., community. People looking for an RV wouldn’t be limited to brands and models that Haylett RV had. Now there’s a huge variety of options for customers.

Who Is Josh “The RV Nerd” Winters? 

Josh Winters, otherwise known on YouTube as “The RV Nerd,” has worked in the RV industry since 2009, when he took a job at his father’s RV dealership in Coldwater, Mich., Haylett RV. 

During his time there, he began a YouTube channel showcasing RV reviews, tips, insights, and news about the RV industry. Often in his videos, he walked around Haylett RV, chatting with viewers about the latest trends or recalls. Today his channel has over 185,000 subscribers.

How Has Josh Made Haylett RV Famous? 

Josh made Haylett RV famous by producing videos that weren’t cookie-cutter. He was honest and transparent about brands, models, and the state of the industry.

He shared concerns, responded to viewer questions and comments, and truly wanted to help customers in their purchasing process even if they didn’t purchase from Haylett RV.

In response to YouTubers questioning if Josh “The RV Nerd” would keep producing videos after the merger, Josh met with the leadership team at Bish’s RV. According to one of his videos, they told him, “We are not here to edit, censor, and/or change your content. What you’re doing is working.” 

A large parking lot filled with many types of RVs and even a few boats.

Bish’s RV does have its own channel called Bish’s RV Demo, but Josh is still permitted and encouraged to continue his YouTube channel. Bish’s RV wants Josh to continue to show the good, bad, and ugly of all brands and models. The company loves his transparency.

Now Josh has access to almost every RV brand and feels excited to showcase more brands and models in his videos. Additionally, RV manufacturers also look to Josh for customer feedback.

If he says something about a model that customers won’t like on his videos, they pay attention and have conversations with him to improve the model. So it’s not just Bish’s RV that wants Josh “The RV Nerd” to continue producing; manufacturers also want his content and input.

Is Bish’s RV a Good RV Dealer? 

If Mr. Haylett trusted Bish’s RV to care for his pride-and-joy, small family-owned company, we believe it must be a dealership founded on solid principles and values. Bish’s RV has a great reputation within its local communities because Haylett RV had that in Coldwater, Mich.

So after conversations with the family, including Josh and his brother, the decision came that Bish’s RV was the perfect fit they were looking for.

The next time you shop for an RV, check out Bish’s selection. With numerous locations, you can find the dealership nearest you and confidently start the buying process. Will your next RV come from Bish’s RV?

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