This Log Cabin is Actually a Truck Camper

If you spend any time adventuring, you’re bound to see some unique campers. However, the log cabin truck camper will capture the attention of the entire campground and anyone on the road.

You need to take a look at this unique creation from a fellow adventurer. We can’t help but love it, and think you will too!

Have You Ever Seen a Log Cabin in the Back Of a Truck?

While truck campers can be familiar to see, this log cabin truck camper is a one-of-a-kind creation. It’s likely unlike anything you’ve seen at a campground.

Tim, the camper owner, wanted to build something fun and unique that he would be proud to own. He created this rig so he could go on adventures and live comfortably.

Tim lived in a truck camper for several years before building his own house. Despite not traveling full-time, he wanted something for shorter adventures. He used his building skills and knowledge from his truck camping days to create the log cabin truck camper.

Who Is Truck House Life? 

Truck House Life is a social media channel run by Tim Johnson. Tim lives in Alaska and shares his adventures in overlanding, extreme sports, and visiting remote places on his social media pages.

He’s been sharing his knowledge and experiences on YouTube since 2007 because he noticed a lack of content on YouTube about the lifestyle.

His channel has over 93,000 subscribers. His most popular video is the detailed look into his log cabin truck camper. If you’re hoping to learn more about overland experiences and a life of adventure, Tim’s channel is one you must follow!

Tim lives in Alaska and does his fare share of extreme snowboarding.

What Is Truck House Life’s Camper Made Of? 

Tim wanted to make a high-quality truck camper. He used wood similar to what you’d find on a sailboat. He used a waterproof gel coating to cover it and double-sealed the windows to prevent moisture from entering the rig. 

Tim wrapped the outside of the camper with Tyvek, which is material to prevent water from infiltrating a home. The slanted metal roof helps keep moisture from pooling and reduces any chances of a leak.

Most people who see the truck love the intricate details Tim included when creating his camper. A mailbox, bench seats on the covered porch, and antlers above the entrance are some of the small touches that we love.

Luxury or roughing it? These truck campers push the envelope.

Is the Truck House a Good Truck Camper?

A truck camper utilizes the bed of a truck to store a camping structure. Tim’s truck has everything he could need to live comfortably on the road. Tim takes his camper all over Alaska to music festivals and other events.

He has also brought the truck camper to the lower 48 states, visited Death Valley Las Vegas, and had different adventures along the route. 

The camper is perfect for Tim and performs excellently for his off-roading adventures. He’s been able to take it on adventures on glaciers, deserts, and everything in between.

The high-quality construction allows him to stay comfortable whether it’s cold or hot outside. He’s made upgrades to improve his experience and bring extra toys on his adventures. He can now tow a trailer to take a snowmobile on his remote adventures.

Tim installed a wood burning stove in his camper.

About Truck House Life’s Alaskan Adventures

It doesn’t get more unique than the adventures Truck House Life shares on his channel. His videos prove that you can experience incredible places and still have many of the comforts of home.

The Most Expensive Grocery Store In The USA – Barrow, Alaska

In this video, Tim takes a work trip to Barrow, Alaska. It’s one of the most northern and remote cities in the state near the Arctic Ocean.

Tim’s job is to give road tests to candidates looking to acquire a driver’s license. He drives the route he designed for the examination and shares how he helped a few people get their licenses that day.

He drives around the village of Barrow, showing off what the town has to offer. His flight has a delay due to fog, which causes him to extend his stay in Barrow by several days. However, he finally makes it back to Anchorage.

The Scariest Drive I’ve Ever Done | Driving To Alaska

Tim is northbound toward Alaska and has to drive British Columbia’s Duffy Highway. His beefy mud tires don’t do well on the icy Alaskan highways. He has to put chains on his truck and can only travel about 5 MPH up the road.

This is one adventure where you’re thankful to be on this side of the camera lens. You’ll feel relief when he conquers the hill and reaches the dry pavement.

Life In Alaska | Why This Is Where I Live

Tim takes viewers to one of his favorite adventure spots in Alaska. It’s a remote Alaskan backcountry. You get to enjoy some of the incredible views that Tim gets to experience on his snowmobile. Tim and his friend are on their way to an Alaskan glacier.

If you want to enjoy some epic snow adventures without the danger and freezing temperatures, watch this video from Truck House Life!

Would You Travel in a Log Cabin On Wheels?

Creating your truck camper can be a lengthy project. However, it allows you to customize the look and feel of your trailer. Tim made a high-quality rig that’s likely more durable and capable than many campers from major manufacturers.

If you have the time, skills, and money, you can create the log cabin truck camper of your dreams. It can allow you to go on some epic adventures no matter where your adventures take you.

Would you consider building your truck camper?

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