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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Joins RV Life

Some consider buying an RV a stressful experience for a couple. However, it can feel a bit more chaotic when multiple wives and 18 children get involved. Janelle Brown, one of Kody Brown’s three wives from TLC’s Sister Wives television show, jumped at the opportunity to embrace RV life in June 2021. 

While she lived stationary on the family-owned property, she shared pieces of her adventure with her followers on social media. Let’s take a look!

What Is the Premise of the Reality Show ‘Sister Wives?’

“Sister Wives” is a reality TV series broadcast on TLC. It has documented the polygamist lives of Kody Brown, his multiple wives, and 18 children since premiering in September 2010. 

The show provides an insight into the family’s life, and the cast has shared their desire to help break people’s misconceptions and prejudices about their lifestyle.

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Are Sister Wives Legally Married?

Polygamy is and has been illegal in all 50 states under the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act of 1882. However, the Brown family skirts around the legalities because Kody is only legally married to one of his wives, Robyn. Kody considers his other wives as “spiritually married.”

For years there were four sister wives in the Brown family. However, in November 2021, Christine Brown announced that she was leaving Kody after 25 years. Her kids were older, and she no longer felt hope for their marriage. 

According to TooFab, she said, “I don’t like to be here. I would prefer to be anywhere else. Because anywhere else, I’m strong and independent and fun and fearless and can rise to any occasion.” 

Who Is Janelle Brown From ‘Sister Wives’?

Janelle Brown, formerly Schriever, was Kody Brown’s second wife and had six children with Kody and now has two grandchildren. Janelle was born in May 1969, and her father passed away when she was three. 

Her mother went on to remarry a man, Merlin Fryer, in 1975. However, the couple divorced, and she married William Winn Brown in October 1992. 

According to,  “Her mother was married to Kody’s late father, Winn Brown, making him both her step-father and father-in-law. Her mother passed away on December 7, 2020.”

Janelle married a man by the name of Adam Barber in December 1988. However, the couple divorced in 1990. She later met Kody Brown through her ex-husband’s sister, Meri. 

Janelle and Kody got spiritually married on Jan. 20, 1993. They have six children: Logan Taylor, Hunter Elias, Robert Garrison, Gabriel, Madison Rose, and Savanah. In addition, their daughter Madison gave them two grandchildren, a son, Axel, and a daughter, Evangelynn. 

Why Did Janelle Brown Move Into an RV?

Janelle decided to move into an RV because of the skyrocketing prices for homes in their area. She had rented a home in Flagstaff, but the owners sold it from under her. 

This forced her to consider her options, and an RV worked best due to the out-of-control housing and rental markets. She lived in her RV on their property.

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Is Janelle Still Living in the RV?

While Janelle loved the time spent in her RV, she has decided not to move back in. She went live on Instagram and said, “I didn’t go to the RV this summer.” 

However, she went on to share with her followers why she stopped living in the RV. While we would have loved to see more RVing adventures, it’s hard to argue with the reasoning she provided.

Why Did Janelle Stop Living in an RV?

Janelle ultimately decided not to move back into the RV for the summer because of her daughter, Savannah. She told her followers, “Savanah really struggled with the RV. She was a trooper last year, but she said, ‘Mom, this year, I just can’t.” 

Janelle isn’t selling it or done with RVing. According to US Magazine, she said, “We opted to just keep it — it’s at the repair shop right now — but we’ll use it on the weekends.” 

RVing isn’t an easy lifestyle and can be challenging for anyone. Living in a couple of hundred square feet with your family can be stressful and overwhelming. Janelle had to make a tough choice for her family but put her daughter’s needs first.

Where Can I Watch the Show ‘Sister Wives’?

You can follow the Brown family’s adventures on major streaming services like Discovery+, Philo, and Vudu.

In addition, you can catch new episodes and re-runs on TLC. While episodes typically air on Sunday nights, you’ll want to check your local listings for the time.

Could we catch a glimpse of Janelle’s RV in the future? While we can’t promise we’ll see any RVing adventures, we’ll look out for them just in case!

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