A dad wearing a #girldad shirt grills up food on a flat top in a parking lock during a tailgate party.

RV Tailgating Tips for Beginners

One of the great things about owning an RV is that there are many different places you can use them besides campgrounds. Many RV owners who enjoy attending large sporting events will bring their RV and use it to create the ultimate tailgating experience. If you’re considering jumping into RV tailgating, you should know a few things.

Today, we’ll share with you some RV tailgating tips for beginners to help you get your tailgating experience off on the right foot. No matter who you’re rooting for, your RV can be your home away from home before and during the big game!

A dad wearing a #girldad shirt grills up food on a flat top in a parking lock during a tailgate party.

What Is RV Tailgating?

Many large sporting events like college football and racing often have a party-like atmosphere before and during an event. The parking lots at these events transform into a party scene with fans wearing attire from their favorite teams or athletes while they get excited about the big event. 

RVers ‘Keep Your Daydream’ bring us along on their college football tailgate.

Tailgating typically involves cooking food and lounging around while fans countdown the hours and minutes until the start of the event. RV tailgating means driving your RV to the event and parking it. So, you can use the parking lot space and the inside of your RV to get excited about the game. 

Why Do People Tailgate in an RV?

Having your RV at the event can be incredibly beneficial. It means avoiding porta potty lines and having access to a kitchen to prepare food. You’ll have a power source for TVs and other equipment for preparing your favorite tailgating foods.

You’ll be able to enjoy the festivities with substantially more comfort and luxury while tailgating in an RV.

What Do You Need to Bring While RV Tailgating?

If you want to have a relaxing and fun time during your RV tailgating experience, there are some things you’ll want to bring with you. Remember to write down a list of the items you wish you had with you as you think of them, so you don’t forget them for your next trip.

Some of the essential items you’ll want to bring are, of course, food and drinks. No matter how you’re tailgating, it’s nearly impossible to tailgate without sustenance.

Make sure you have plenty of beverages for everyone and enough food to fill your bellies. If you need a grill or cooking utensils to prepare and serve your food, make sure you pack those too. 

Check out this guy who has a 500-square-foot RV just for tailgating.

You’ll want to bring some things to make your life more comfortable and entertaining during your tailgating experience. Folding chairs, outdoor games, and even a collapsible table make it easier to enjoy the entire experience.

Lastly, you can’t forget about fan attire. It doesn’t matter who you’re cheering on; let other tailgaters know who you support. Have plenty of clothes and decorations around your spot so they know who you’re rooting for.

Where Can You Tailgate in an RV?

There are many different types of events that allow tailgating and RVs to park in the parking lot. These could be concerts, music festivals, races, or sporting events.

However, the restrictions and requirements for tailgating can vary based on the event. So make sure you check with each event to ensure tailgating is allowed and that you won’t find yourself in a sticky situation when you arrive ready to party.

Do you what is the longest RV allowed on the road?

RV Tailgating Tips for Beginners

Here are some things you should know if you want to head out for your first RV tailgating experience. Follow these tips, and your adventure will be smooth and exciting.

Research the Tailgating Spot

The rules and regulations regarding tailgating will vary considerably based on the event. Some events will allow alcohol, and others may prohibit it.

Some venues will allow tailgaters to arrive 24 hours or more before an event, while others will have limited access hours. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules specific to where you want to tailgate.

Some stadiums, like at Penn State, have specific parking areas for RV tailgating.

Since an RV is much larger than a standard vehicle, you’ll want to ensure you know where you should park and when you’ll have access. You don’t want to find yourself unable to park your large RV anywhere near the event.

We suggest you call the venue ahead of time and ensure you acquire the necessary passes or permits to have a place to park.

Arrive Early

You want to arrive as early as you possibly can. This allows you to snag the best parking spots and set up your tailgating spot. You don’t want to fight traffic or be in a hurry to set up your party.

The purpose of tailgating is to be a relaxing celebration before the big event; it will be hard to relax or enjoy yourself if you feel rushed. Arrive early so you can enjoy the whole experience.

Choose Your Parking Spot Wisely

You want to be picky about where you’re choosing to park. You don’t want to set up your tailgating party in just any spot.

Parking next to the porta potties will leave you plugging your nose the entire time and battling the line of people waiting to use the restroom. Spots at the edge of a parking lot that borders a grass area are like gold. The grass area can allow you and your party to spread out and enjoy more elbow room.

This is another reason it’s a good idea to arrive as early as possible at the event. The earlier you can arrive, the more options you’ll have available. If you wait too long, you’ll have to settle for whatever you can get, even if it means being neighbors with the stinky porta potties.

Have a Solid Food Plan

Like Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t just throw a meal together while tailgating. You must plan the foods you’ll be serving while tailgating. It may require that you prepare foods in advance so they’re ready to eat once you get set up at the event.

If your food plan requires special ingredients, cooking utensils, or condiments, you’ll want to ensure you have them on hand and bring them with you. What good is grilling up hotdogs if you don’t have ketchup, mustard, or hot dog buns?

If you can throw together a delicious meal for your partygoers to enjoy before the event, you’ll be the real MVP of the game.

A family hangs gold flag decorations off the awning of their RV.

Show Your Team Spirit

Don’t be afraid to show a little team spirit. You’ll likely encounter some fellow tailgaters who you might think go overboard. However, many tailgaters have been loyal to their favorite team for years.

Wearing a shirt or hat and hanging decorations to show your team spirit is practically required. However, be careful if you’re cheering for the away team.

If you’re cheering for the visiting or rival team, be prepared for some mostly good-natured jabs from the home team fans. But, also be aware that some people are very dedicated to their teams. If someone behaves aggressively or angrily towards you for cheering for the away team, diffuse the situation as best as you can.

Avoid escalating the situation, or you might spend time in the slammer instead of enjoying your favorite event.

Is RV Tailgating Worth It?

If you’re looking for an excuse to use your RV, give RV tailgating a try. It can be fun to combine RVing and your favorite sporting event.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s professional, college, or youth sports; RV tailgating can make it more enjoyable. The more you’re able to tailgate, the more you’ll be able to develop your RV tailgating skills.

Give it a season or two of your favorite sport, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

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