A gas station lit up at night against a starry sky.

Is Love’s Truck Stop Welcoming to Nomads?

Stopping at a truck stop can be a gamble. Nomads spend a tremendous amount of time traveling on highways and interstates, where truck stops are easy to come by. Love’s truck stops are one of the many options available to travelers.

But are Love’s truck stops welcoming to nomads? Are they worth visiting? Let’s look and see!

A gas station lit up at night against a starry sky.

What Are Love’s Truck Stops?

Love’s is a chain of truck stops and travel centers that offer almost everything a traveler might need on the road. These 24-hour locations are often along major interstates and highways. You know you’re getting close if you see their recognizable heart-shaped logo.

They cater to truck drivers and RVers needing fuel, supplies, or a break from driving. After a long travel day, they can be a roadside oasis for many drivers. They’ve earned a reputation for having clean facilities and staff that know how to show hospitality.

How Many Love’s Truck Stops Are There?

Since 1964, the Oklahoma City-based Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores have grown into one of the leading travel centers in the country. There are more than 590 locations throughout the United States.

Many of their sites are in the midwest and southeast regions. However, there’s a chance there’s a Love’s near you.

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Can Nomads Stay Overnight at Love’s Truck Stops?

Most of Love’s locations will have no problem with nomads staying overnight in their lots. These locations typically have large parking lots that truckers use to park for the night.

Nomads looking for a place to stay will likely have no issues, whether they travel in a camper van, towable RV, or motorhome. However, a good night’s sleep can be challenging at a Love’s.

In Guthrie, Oklahome, Love’s has added RV spots with full hookups.

Bring your earplugs if you plan to stay overnight at a Love’s or a truck stop. These locations often experience an almost constant flow of traffic from semi-trucks. Many truckers will leave their truck’s engine idling or use a noisy generator to power appliances and electronics in the cab of their vehicle.

While it’s better than nothing, don’t count on getting your best night’s sleep.

Why Nomads Like Love’s Truck Stops

There are several reasons nomads choose Love’s truck stops during their travels. Let’s look at why they choose Love’s and why we think you should, too. Let’s dive in!

Clean Facilities

One of the many things that separates Love’s from its competition is their cleanliness. You often don’t know what to expect when you stop at a truck stop; however, Love’s seems to go above and beyond in maintaining its facilities.

They appear to provide special attention to their restrooms and parking lots. Employees clean them regularly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about walking into the nightmarish situation of a sketchy truck stop bathroom.

Easy Access to Fuel

Nomads often use a lot of fuel during their travels. Love’s tries to make it easy for gas and diesel drivers to fill up their tanks.

Many pumps are available, and locations are often convenient for larger rigs to maneuver. While driving a lengthier diesel vehicle, you can use truck lanes to avoid handling your giant rig in a tight parking lot.

If you use the truck lane, ensure you are as efficient as possible. Truckers use these lanes, and they often operate on very tight driving schedules. So don’t linger at the pump or park longer than necessary.

Three semis in the truck lanes as a gas station at night.


Depending on a nomad’s travel style or vehicle, getting a shower in may not always be an option. But for roughly $12, nomads can take a long, hot shower at a Love’s location. While truckers often use these shower facilities, there’s nothing that says nomads can’t also use them.

By showering at a Love’s location, you don’t need to worry about managing your water usage or running out of hot water. The facilities often have everything you could need to shower, use the restroom, and take care of any other grooming or personal hygiene.

Much like when you use the truck lanes, don’t take more time than necessary, as truckers may need to shower before or after a long day on the road.


Most of Love’s locations sell food in their stores and have an attached fast food restaurant. Love’s has a long list of restaurants that they share a property with at approximately 490 of their locations.

These restaurants include Arby’s, Bojangles, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Sonic, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and many more.

Whether nomads choose to stay overnight or just make a pit stop, they often want to fill up more than their fuel tank. Love’s makes it easy for nomads to get food to keep up their energy and get back on the road. By stopping at Love’s, you don’t have to settle for gas station hot dogs left on the warmer.

This travel center has a cult-like following — have you thought about pledging your allegiance? 🦫

A Free Place to Stay

Most of Love’s locations allow nomads to stay overnight in their vast parking lots. After filling up on fuel or restocking their snacks, travelers can find a spot out of the way to park for the night. Aside from the fuel or snacks they might purchase, there’s no cost to stay at these locations.

However, truckers park in these spots for their legally required breaks. Anyone else using these lots should ensure they’re not preventing semi-trucks from coming or going. By finding a spot out of the way, there’s a good chance they won’t have any issues.

How to Find Love’s Truck Stops

Using iOverlander and Campendium makes it pretty simple to find these locations. And, Love’s also has their own app for Android and Apple devices. You can use their website to find the nearest location to you.

With almost 600 locations across the country, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding a convenient location nearby.

A couple on a road trip, one driving while the other reads a flyer in the passenger seat.

Love’s Is Loved by Nomads

There’s much to love about the many Love’s locations across the country. These locations make for convenient stops for nomads during their travels.

Their high standards and quality customer service help separate them from other travel centers. You’re missing out if you’ve not stopped at a Love’s. The next time you pass one of their locations, exit the highway and check them out! 

Is there a Love’s on your upcoming travel route?

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