Forest River Sells Affordable RVs, But Are They Quality?

Forest River has an astounding amount of RV models in every class and type imaginable. This mega-brand sells RVs from a budget price of less than $10,000 to luxury models that cost more than half a million dollars.

With so many offerings, people wonder if these RVs aren’t just quantity over quality. Let’s take a closer look. 

Who Is Forest River? 

Forest River is a household name if you’ve spent any amount of time around RVs. This manufacturer owns more than 45 brands with hundreds of models.

Forest River sells travel trailers, pop-ups, a-frames, fifth wheels, hybrids, and class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Who Owns Forest River? 

Forest River, RV is owned by Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company. Peter Liegl founded the company in 1996. He continues managing the company to this day, despite the Berkshire Hathaway acquisition in 2005. 

Peter wanted to create an RV company dedicated to helping customers experience the joy of RVing by building better RVs. The company grew quickly and continues to grow to this day. They make more than just RVs. Forest River also manufactures park model trailers, cargo trailers, commercial vehicles, pontoons, and more. 

What Kinds of RVs Does Forest River Sell? 

Forest River manufactures every type and class of RV, aside from the up-and-coming electric RVs. You can find class A gas and diesel, class B, class C, truck campers, tent trailers, hybrids, a-frames, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and more. In addition to manufacturing campers, Forest River makes pontoon boats, bathroom trailers, cargo trailers, commercial vehicles, and more. 

How Much Do Forest River RVs Cost? 

Forest River has several RV brands ranging from entry-level to luxury. No matter what your budget is, there’s a Forest River brand that’s perfect for you. Prices range from $9,000 to $15,000 for a brand new pop-up camper, truck camper, or small travel trailer like an E-Pro. Alternatively, you can expect to pay more than $500,000 for a brand new luxury Berkshire class A Diesel Pusher from Forest River.

Are Forest River RVs Good Quality? 

Forest River consistently manufactures a large quantity of RVs. That makes mass production necessary for the company’s revenue. With this fast process, many wonder if Forest River RVs are of good quality. 

The reviews are mixed. When you purchase a brand new RV, you could run into problems no matter who manufactured it. RVers who purchase Forest River RVs tend to have problems with poor-quality building materials, leaks, and bad customer service. Some customers have had nothing but positive experiences with Forest River, however.

What Are Some Common Issues with Forest River RVs? 

Common issues with Forest River RVs include the electric tongue jack not working, poor quality, leaks, and poor customer service. We surveyed Forest River reviews on the Better Business Bureau, RV Insider, and multiple forums around the web. Customers either rant or rave about this brand without much in between.

What Do People Like About Forest River RVs? 

The benefits of Forest River RVs definitely seem to outweigh the negatives. There are so many types and floorplans to choose from that you’re sure to find something for your budget. Also, the brand is so large and has such a huge customer base that it’s easy to find owners of similar models to ask for advice. Forest River manufactures budget, lightweight travel trailers that are a perfect entry into the RV lifestyle. They also make large luxury RVs for those who want to go big.

What Is the Best Forest River RV? 

It’s hard to choose the best Forest River RV. Some best-selling models have remained popular for years. The best Forest River for you is the model with the floor plan that fits your needs, family, and budget.

Are Forest River RVs Worth the Investment? 

If you’re looking for a budget RV with all the features you need to hit the road, a Forest River RV is a worthy investment. With a large customer base and a sprawling selection, Forest River earns its notoriety. Do your research, tour several models, and read reviews and forums before choosing your Forest River RV. Have you ever purchased a Forest River RV?

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