An aerial view of camper vans parked in a retail lot, taking up multiple spaces.

Can Cracker Barrel Fit All Size RVs for Overnight Camping?

Are you heading out on a family camping trip soon? Chances are, your final destination requires more than a day’s drive.

You may not be interested in stopping at a campground along the way. You don’t want to be bothered with setting up camp and pulling out the slides, camp chairs, and grill for one night’s stay. But you will need a place to pull over and rest.

Cracker Barrel may be able to offer assistance! Let’s see if your rig will fit in one of their parking lots. That way, you can sleep and have a tasty hot breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

An aerial view of camper vans parked in a retail lot, taking up multiple spaces.

Can I Sleep Overnight at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel restaurants have been welcoming RVers for overnight stays for several years. In fact, newer construction has included designated parking for RVs. This is all in the hopes of providing a safe place for those who want to get some rest before their final camping destinations.

Many RVers choose Cracker Barrel over Walmart for an overnight stay.

The Cracker Barrel corporation sees opportunity on both sides of the equation. RVers have a quiet spot to grab some shut-eye, and the restaurant has built-in customers just waiting for their doors to open in the morning.

Can Cracker Barrel Fit All Size RVs for Overnight Camping?

Campers 40 feet or less in length (including tow behinds) are best suited for those restaurants with labeled RV parking.

Some older properties may not have designated spots, or their parking lots could be smaller. But many allow overnight RV parking if you can wait to park there until 9:00 p.m. when the lots are less full.

Have you heard of overnight parking at a library?

What Should I Do If My RV Is Too Long for a Cracker Barrel RV Spot? 

You have a few options if your vehicle won’t fit in a designated RV spot at Cracker Barrel. After 9:00 p.m., customers vacate the premises. That opens up several consecutive parking spaces away from the building. Park there and leave by 7:00 a.m., when many stores see increased traffic for their breakfast hours.

Cracker Barrel properties are sometimes built within a large strip mall area and have several short entrance roads leading to their parking lots. They may direct you to park on one of those side roads close to the restaurant if it’s allowed.

What Is Cracker Barrel Overnight Parking Etiquette? 

As with any courtesy extended, Cracker Barrel expects RVers to use their manners. Here is a short list of common expectations when parking overnight in one of their parking lots.

Please don’t abuse the privilege. Your failure to follow their rules might ruin the experience for others if Cracker Barrel discontinues its generous offer.

A woman sits on the bunk in her camper researching a place to stay on her mobile phone.

Ask for Permission

Always call ahead, if possible, and ask to speak with a manager to see if you can park overnight. Assure them that you’re just passing through and need a place to rest before heading on down the road.

If you happen on a Cracker Barrel, go into the restaurant and ask in person. Be sure you’re talking with someone in charge who can make that decision. Follow their directions as to where they want you to park.

Stay Within the RV Parking Spots

Many newly constructed Cracker Barrels have designated parking spaces marked for RVs. Most of them are about 40 feet long. So, if your rig is too long for the space, ask the manager if they have suggestions about where you can park.

If there are no empty RV spaces, take one at the back of the parking lot and make sure you leave in the morning before their parking lot fills up with customers.

Don’t Set Up Camp

Do not take out your lawn chairs and grill in the parking lot. Remember, this is not a campground. It is a spot for you to pull over and get a few hours’ rest before moving on.

That usually means that you also shouldn’t pull out slides and definitely DO NOT put down levelers. Treat your stay at Cracker Barrel as if it was a kind stranger who allowed you to rest on their front porch before sending you on your way.

A man closes the window shades in his RV for the night.

Leave No Trace

There should be no evidence you stayed at a Cracker Barrel when you leave. Don’t leave trash or dog poop behind.

In fact, leave the parking lot looking better than it did before you arrived. Pick up any trash you find, and be sure to purchase a good hearty breakfast in their dining room!

Can RV Generators Run at Cracker Barrel? 

Most businesses that allow RVs to park overnight don’t worry about generator noise because their business is closed. However, other RVers close to you may not enjoy it.

So, if you plan on using your generator, try to park away from other RVers enjoying a night’s sleep at Cracker Barrel. Everyone will thank you!

What Other Businesses Allow Overnight Camping? 

You can usually find several businesses that extend an offering of overnight camping in their unused parking lots unless local ordinances forbid it. That’s why it’s always a good practice to call in advance to ask.

Walmart, Cabela’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and others are sometimes willing to let you stay as long as you follow the etiquette rules listed above.

A woman and her kid traveling in a camper van as the sun begins to set.

How Do You Find Overnight Camping? 

Using phone apps like Allstays and websites like Campendium is the most convenient and quick way to find overnight camping spots like those at Cracker Barrel. Even will offer options from business spots to free dispersed camping locations.

Is Overnight Camping at Cracker Barrel Worth It?

Cracker Barrel is one of the safer, cleaner, and more welcoming businesses that welcome RVs into their parking lots. They cater to the RV crowd and love providing a secure environment for them to rest and a great evening meal or a scrumptious breakfast.

The fact they’re all over the country is reassuring. You know you’ll have a dependable spot to pull into for rest and sustenance.

Have you ever had to do an overnighter at a Cracker Barrel?

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