A woman hiding behind a tree with her arms out in exuberance.

Camping Women Can Pee Standing Up With This

If you’ve ever gone camping or hiking, you’ve probably had to spend some time wondering how and where you’ll go when nature calls. There are often no restrooms, no porta-potties, and no other options besides watering the plants. Not the most appealing options.

But there is a solution for women who want to pee standing up while in the woods. Let’s learn more.

A woman hiding behind a tree with her arms out in exuberance.

Squatting Is Out; Standing Is In

Squatting is difficult with pants and makes peeing messy. But what if you didn’t have to squat? What if you could stand without worrying about making a mess?

Using a pee funnel is an easy solution to this age-old issue. Let’s look at how they can help.

What Is a Female Urination Device?

A female urination device is a small funnel used to control the stream while you pee. This makes it easier to relieve yourself when there are no restrooms around. It’s non-absorbent, easy to clean, and even easier to use. 

Benefits of Using a Women’s Pee Funnel

A pee funnel allows people to pee standing up without any awkward or uncomfortable squatting. It’s also a great way to control where the pee goes so it doesn’t get everywhere and force you to hike back to your camping site in soiled pants.

Ultimately, it’s much easier and cleaner to use this product. Let’s check out the benefits.

Woman hiking in a remote area with snowy mountains in the distance.

Ability to Pee Standing Up

No one wants to squat in the bushes to do their business. It’s difficult to avoid making a mess. Plus, you might not have anything to wipe with.

Overall, squatting is a terrible experience and one you’ll probably want to avoid. Being able to pee while standing is so much easier, cleaner, and faster. 

More Hygenic

This device helps remove all the urine without needing toilet paper, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning yourself up. Peeing while squatting can spread pee everywhere, and you’re not always going to be able to clean up immediately afterward.

Plus, dumping used toilet paper in nature isn’t good for the environment. 

More Private

You don’t need to undress to use a funnel, just unzip and push aside your undergarments. The funnel doesn’t completely hide everything while you urinate, but as long as you’re facing away from people, you should have enough privacy to do your business. Find a good cluster of trees and do what you need to do. 

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Cons of Female Urination Devices

There aren’t many downsides to being able to do your business without struggling. It may be awkward to talk about since people generally shy away from discussing bathroom specifics.

This may be tricky when you have questions about using a new product, but the ease this provides while camping will be worth it. Still, let’s look at some downsides.

Learning Curve

It’s all about placement! It might take a couple of tries to figure out exactly how to tuck it in to prevent any leaking, but it’s easy to use once you do. Anything new will always be confusing at first, but luckily these devices are made to be as simple as possible. 

Awkward Topic to Talk About

Not everyone is comfortable being open about the fact that peeing in the woods is way harder for girls than it is for guys. No one wants to say the word pee in public, much less talk openly about the intricacies of how bodies work.

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Our Top Female Urination Device Recommendations

If you’ve been considering getting a urination device but haven’t known where to look, here are three great options. All are compact, so they’re easy to pack for a hike. They’re also hygienic and easy to clean. Let’s take a look.


This funnel is long and thin, with a rounded tip for wiping, so you don’t need any toilet paper. You can rinse it out with water or just clean it with a wet wipe.

This product is made from sturdy material that prevents it from shattering from the cold. That makes it perfect for anyone camping in the winter. 

Tinkle Belle

This foldable funnel is compact and great for camping. It doesn’t require any undressing or use of toilet paper, with a design specifically for removing all traces of urine. The flexible design is one size fits all and guarantees safety from leakage. 

Venus to Mars Female Urinal

This portable urinal comes with its own case and is a great size for tucking into a camping backpack. It’s easy to clean, and you can even wash it in a dishwasher or washing machine. This device requires no squatting, no undressing, and no toilet paper, making peeing in the woods as simple as possible. 

Is Using a Female Urination Device Worth It?

The short answer is definitely yes! Using this device is easier, cleaner, and more private. When you’re on a beautiful hike, you don’t want to stress out about finding a good spot to squat to do your business. Make your life easier and your time outdoors more enjoyable.

Would a device like this make your life easier?

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