YouTuber Builds 100% Fossil Fuel Free Solar Saiboat

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Who Is Exploring Alternatives?

Exploring Alternatives is the brainchild of Mat and Danielle, a Canadian couple passionate about exploring alternate lifestyles. They travel in their self-built camper van to film their videos.

Who Is Finding Simon?

Finding Simon is the YouTube channel of Simon Stiles, who has been filming his nomadic adventures even before he decided to live on a cruising catamaran.

When Did Finding Simon Buy His Sailboat and for How Much?

Simon bought his boat in 2017. When he bought Old Dog, it had already sailed around the Pacific Ocean three times, but had been sitting in the same spot for 12 years when he found it.

Why Did Finding Simon Choose to Go Fossil Fuel Free?

When Simon bought Old Dog, it had a functioning diesel engine, but he still opted to shift to an electric motor and go fossil fuel free with his boat. A large part of the reason he made the switch was to be more environmentally friendly. Solar panels and lithium batteries had come down in price enough that it made sense to him to make the conversion.

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