Who is Sailing Uma?

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Who Is Sailing Uma?

Dan and Kika are Sailing Uma. The couple sails the world while living aboard their monohull. They seek to enjoy the journey instead of fixating on destinations. And with their YouTube channel, they take others along for a glimpse into their adventures.

What Size Boat Is Uma?

Uma is a 1972 Pearson 36 (Pearson is a blue water cruiser). Its overall length is 36.5 ft with an 11-foot beam. Uma means number one in Portuguese and represents Dan and Kika’s desire to put one foot in front of the other to go after their dreams.

Where Has Sailing Uma Been?

Sailing Uma has traveled more than 25,000 nautical miles, and they’ve visited 27 countries so far. First, they did a three-year circumnavigation of the Caribbean, including the Bahamas.

Sailing Uma’s Top Three YouTube Videos

We’ve pulled out three of Sailing Uma’s top YouTube videos to give you a glimpse into their life on the sea. Be prepared; you’ll likely want to subscribe to their channel after watching these and binge a lot more!

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