What You Need to Know About the Show "RVing in The USA"

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What Is RVing in the USA?

RVing in the USA is a weekly television series on Motor Trend TV. It airs at 9 AM on Saturday mornings. The premier one-hour episode (included below) launched live on September 18, 2021, on their YouTube channel.

Where Can You Watch RVing in the USA?

While the initial premiere for the show was on YouTube, that’s currently the only full episode on the show’s Youtube channel. Various content on the show’s social media pages states viewers can tune in on Motor Trend or Discovery to watch the program; there are no links or mention of the show on either of these websites.

Who Is on RVing the USA?

The hosts for RVing in the USA are Bill Stephens and Maria Prekeges. Most people know Bill for his work as an NBCSN host. He also had roles in the Mecum Collector Car Auctions show ”What’s My Car Worth” and appearances on Motor Trend TV and Corvette Nation TV.

Where Can You Connect with RVing the USA?

If you want to connect with RVing the USA, you’ll want to follow them on their social media pages. They have accounts on Instagram and Facebook and post updates regarding the show’s progress.

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