The Best RV YouTube Channel Right Now

The Best RV YouTube Channel Right Now

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Who Is HappilyEverHanks?

This twenty-something couple has grabbed hold of the sweet life and is making a splash on YouTube with tips on living full-time in an RV. Kyle and Renee Hanks are travel nurses who decided to pump up the ‘travel’ aspect of their jobs by living in a recreational vehicle while working. Hitting the road in 2019 with their cat Dexter, the couple found the lifestyle a terrific way to go from job to job while saving money on rent or mortgage payments.

The History of the Channel

HappilyEverHanks was in the planning stages for three years before Kyle and Renee actually released entertaining instructional videos. They both admit to being homebodies who had to push themselves out of their comfort zones to create enthusiastic content. But once they published that first video, the couple threw themselves into getting as much information on the screen as possible.

What Kind of Content Do They Produce?

From tips on selecting your first RV and sanitizing your water system to the best ways to travel on a budget, the Hanks handle all kinds of questions about living in an RV. They also cover travel spots, campgrounds, and attractions to see at dozens of locations, along with secrets to make full-time RVing more enjoyable and less frustrating. Even Dexter, the cat, makes cameo visits in HappilyEverHanks videos.

The Most Popular YouTube Videos from HappilyEverHanks

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