RV Tailgating Tips for Beginners

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What Is RV Tailgating?

Many large sporting events like college football and racing often have a party-like atmosphere before and during an event. The parking lots at these events transform into a party scene with fans wearing attire from their favorite teams or athletes while they get excited about the big event.

Why Do People Tailgate in an RV?

Having your RV at the event can be incredibly beneficial. It means avoiding porta potty lines and having access to a kitchen to prepare food. You’ll have a power source for TVs and other equipment for preparing your favorite tailgating foods.

What Do You Need to Bring While RV Tailgating?

Some of the essential items you’ll want to bring are, of course, food and drinks. No matter how you’re tailgating, it’s nearly impossible to tailgate without sustenance. Make sure you have plenty of beverages for everyone and enough food to fill your bellies. If you need a grill or cooking utensils to prepare and serve your food, make sure you pack those too.

Where Can You Tailgate in an RV?

There are many different types of events that allow tailgating and RVs to park in the parking lot. These could be concerts, music festivals, races, or sporting events.

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