Is the Van-Life Hype Over?!

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What Is Van Life?

Van life is the term for those who travel full-time or part-time in conversion vans. People of all ages have adopted the lifestyle over the years.

Is the Van Life Hype Over?

VanCity VanLife, a famous van life YouTube Channel, posted a video discussing whether van lifers are disappearing from the video platform or losing engagement. He claims that companies no longer pay big money for advertisements on van life YouTube channels, and engagement is dropping. But is the hype really over? VanCity VanLife doesn’t think so.

Will Van Life YouTube Channels Survive?

VanCity VanLife believes that YouTube channels documenting van life will survive. And we do, too. However, that doesn’t correlate with YouTube being the reason someone starts van life. People decide to live in a van for many reasons.

Who Is VanCity VanLife?

VanCity VanLife is Chrome and his dog Cruz. They live and travel in a 2004 Ford E250 extended cargo van. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, he documents his travels and van life experiences throughout the country.

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