How to Survive a Bear Attack (Probably)

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How Likely Will a Bear Attack You?

Approximately 11 people are killed by bears each year. However, within Yosemite National Park, officials have seen a decline in bear attacks. The park sees more than 4.4-million visitors and around 20 human-bear incidents.

Which Bear Kills the Most Humans?

Grizzlies are enormous and powerful creatures. Nothing will stop them if they feel threatened or you get between a mom and her cubs. You want to avoid any potential close encounters with these beasts.

Is It Possible to Survive a Bear Attack?

Luckily, not all bear attacks are deadly. No two encounters or attacks are the same, but bears will typically behave in consistent manners. If you notice a bear becoming aggressive or agitated, it’s likely trying to scare and intimidate you.

What to Do If You’re Attacked By a Bear?

What to do if a bear attacks you depends on the species. Black bears are typically skittish but mean business if they charge you. You should fight back and be as aggressive as possible to attempt to intimidate them.

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