How Do You Dump Tanks While Boondocking?

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What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking, sometimes referred to as dry camping, is when your RV is not hooked up to electricity, water, or sewage. You might be parked in a Walmart parking lot or on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land.

How Do You Dump the Black Water Tank When Boondocking?

Dump stations are in many different places. These stations provide a hole in the ground that connects to the sewer lines. They are safe places to empty your tanks when boondocking. However, you must have your own hoses in order to dump.

Can I Bury My Black Water?

You can’t dump the waste from your black tank onto the ground. It’s unsanitary and can harbor bacteria. It’s also illegal, not to mention just gross. You can’t dump your black tank into streams or other bodies of water, either. There’s a laundry list of harmful environmental effects if you do this.

Can You Dump Gray Water When Boondocking?

Like your black water tank, you should also not dump your gray water tank onto the ground. Some RVers have been told this is safe to do by state park employees or rangers at campgrounds, but it’s best not to do this. Technically, it’s illegal to dump your gray water just like it is to dump your black water.

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