Can You Stealth Camp in NYC?

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What Is Stealth Camping?

Stealth camping is when travelers park in public places, typically side streets or parking lots. The goal is to park for several hours to get some rest without attracting negative attention.

Will Travel Beans Be Stealth Camping in NYC Soon?

While neither rig was their dream one, the couple will continue their search in hopes of stealth camping in NYC and other places. They plan to expand their search by using a friend’s vehicle to broaden their circle.

What Is ‘Van Alley’ in NYC?

During their trip, Travel Beans got a bit of a guided tour of NYC’s Van Alley. Van Alley is a dead-end road in New York City that the city’s street sweeper can’t access. As a result, the city doesn’t issue tickets to vans parked there. As Travel Bean’s tour guide said, “Every vehicle that you see that you suspect someone might live in — they do.”

Can You Stealth Camp in NYC?

Stealth camping is very difficult in New York City and other major cities, as Travel Beans learned. The crowded and narrow roads mean you have very few places to park along the streets. Many neighborhoods require permits and will issue citations to those caught parking without them. Popular vehicles used for stealth camping stick out like sore thumbs in parking lots and along empty streets in the middle of the night.

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