7 Terrifying Tours for True Crime Lovers

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What Are True Crime Tours?

True crime tours are fun experiences organized by businesses that take participants through sites of some of the most brutal and heinous crime scenes. You can find them throughout the country, especially in larger cities or areas with notorious serial killers or slayings.

Are True Crime Tours Family-Friendly?

Family-friendly tours will focus less on the horrific details and more on the lives of the people involved in the crime.

7 Terrifying Tours for True Crime Lovers

The grim, perhaps even ghastly, name may conjure images of a mass graveyard on the Atlantic shore. There’s some truth in that, but it may not be as gruesome as you think. The name refers to bones left behind from whaling harvests as well as the remains of countless shipwrecks.

Don’t Miss These True Crime Tours

There are many great true crime tours across the country, but these are just a few of our favorites. Some of the best true crime tours are in places you least expect them to be. They appear to be sleepy little towns with little excitement.

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