5 Van Dwellers Proving Vanlife Isn’t Just for Millennials

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What Is Vanlife?

Van life is a lifestyle in which one or more people live in a vehicle converted into a tiny home. The vehicle may be a van, a car, or a bus. Some people transform their own vans into a living space, and others purchase professionally-built camper vans. In addition, van lifers typically work remotely to earn an income anywhere and change their scenery often.

Is It Legal to Live in a Van?

Yes, it is legal to live in a van. There are no laws against it, but laws dictate where you can park or sleep in a vehicle or camper. These laws vary between states and cities. While the zoning laws vary across America, you can use a van as a dwelling. Do your research and know the policies in the state you register your vehicle in. And abide by any laws or restrictions in the places you travel or stay. For example, some van lifers like to stealth camp.

5 Van Dwellers Proving Vanlife Isn’t Just for Millennials

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Van Life Is an Experience for All Adventurous Souls

Are you older than a millennial and ready for van life? We hope you’ll subscribe to the YouTube channels above for inspiration. No matter your age, you can live your dreams. Van life isn’t for everyone. But those that seek it out can create lasting memories. What is your dream van? Do you want to build your own? If so, we would love to hear about your process. Drop us a line in the comments below, or tag us in some photos.

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