5 Hacks for Accident Proofing Your RV Slides

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What Is an RV Slide?

An RV slide is a retractable space that increases the amount of usable room in an RV. An RV slide typically contains a sitting or dining area in the main living room. It's not uncommon to have beds or closets on a slide in your RV's bedrooms.

How Can Your RV Slides Get Damaged?

An RV slide can easily experience damage if you're not careful when using them. The key to avoiding damage to your slides is awareness of potential hazards. Let's examine some of the most common ways you can damage RV slides in a variety of different ways, as well as how to avoid them.

Hacks for Accident-Proofing Your RV Slides

RV Slide Toppers RV slide toppers are awnings that attach to the side of an RV and automatically extend and retract. 

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