10 Up-And-Coming Sailing YouTubers

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What Is a Sailing YouTuber?

A sailing YouTuber is someone who documents their experiences on a sailboat and posts videos on their YouTube channel. The most popular channels post weekly and offer consistent content and quality videos.

Can You Live On a Sailboat Full-Time?

You absolutely can live on a sailboat full-time. Many people live in tiny houses on the water and travel the world. They stay in anchorages or at marinas when not sailing. Marinas are similar to campgrounds.

10 Up and Coming Sailing YouTubers

Let’s look at ten up and coming sailing YouTubers. If you enjoy what you see, subscribe to their channel or give their video a “like” or a comment. 1. WEsail   The creators of WEsail have sailed 15,000 nautical miles since 2019. Warren and Erica are the faces and creatives behind WEsail.

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